‘The Munsters’ Reboot Official Release Date Announced

by Tia Bailey

Singer/songwriter/filmmaker Rob Zombie has been working on a film reboot of the classic sitcom “The Munsters.” Now, fans finally have an official release date for the movie.

The sitcom “The Munsters” “depicted the home life of a family of benign monsters.” Although it only ran for 2 seasons back in the 60s, it is a classic show that was loved by many. Rob Zombie, known for his heavy rock music and horror films, announced he was remaking the series back in 2021. Fans were surprised when the film’s rating was released — PG as opposed to his usual R-rated films.

“Herman and Lily’s crazy courtship takes The Munsters on a hauntingly hilarious trip from Transylvania to Hollywood in the all-new feature length film,” says the synopsis of the film. It will act as a prequel to the series, following Herman and Lily’s origins.

“The Munsters” finally has a release date, after several dates and methods of release being thrown around. The film will be available to stream on Netflix on September 27 — just in time to add to your Halloween rotation. The film will also be on DVD and Blu-Ray on the same date.

“The Munsters” stars Zombie’s wife, Sheri Moon Zombie, as Lily Munster, and Jeff Daniel Phillips as Herman Munster. The movie will also feature Cassandra Peterson as Barbara Carr, Daniel Roebuck as Grandpa, Butch Patrick as Tin Can Man, Jorge Garcia as Floop, and more.

Several teasers and songs have been released ahead of the movie’s release.

The first trailer dropped mid-July. It showed the movie as more of a rom-com in contrast of Zombie’s usual style.

Rob Zombie’s Reboot of “The Munsters” Heads to Netflix this September

Fans were surprised after viewing the trailer. A YouTube user commented: “I am absolutely addicted to this trailer. It’s mesmerizing how wrong everything looks. From the movie maker title cards, the 90s tv series special effects, the vomit inducing color grading, the stock sound effects to the overacting. It’s the perfect gem.”

Many commented on the quality of the trailer. The second trailer dropped a little later in July. Some fans say they will simply “give it a chance.” One commenter said: “I’ll give it a go, the colors look fun. Though I will say I’m disappointed with the mothers makeup looking less like the actual mothers makeup from the original show. The pointed brows and upswept liner and shadow. It’s what made her unique from Morticia, Elvira and Vampira. Also was her voice that shaky and movements that giddy? I don’t remember the mother being so giddy and bubbly, loving yes but bubbly and giddy? Lol Its always a bummer when a remake doesn’t get tiny details right. He was so insistent on highly detailed costumes and recreating the actual house top to bottom but forgot about her iconic makeup design.”