‘The Munsters’: Rob Zombie’s Upcoming Netflix Movie Drops New Trailer

by Sean Griffin

Rob Zombie’s upcoming reimagined film The Munsters drops on Netflix sometime this year. Many fans speculate the film will premiere in September or October, just in time for a Halloween release. However, no official release date has been announced.

However, fans of Rob Zombie and classic horror films shouldn’t worry. A new trailer for The Munsters just released, and the new movie, which reimagines the classic TV series, looks incredible.

You can watch the trailer by clicking here or viewing it below.

The new trailer announces a Blu-Ray and DVD release date for the movie. It also reveals new footage from the reboot. Zombie, first known as frontman of White Zombie, moved into film direction in the early 2000s. His most notable works include the remake of the ’80s classic Halloween (2007) and its sequel Halloween II (2009).

Zombie now helms the new movie The Munsters. He directs the film after writing the script. Much like his remake Halloween, The Munsters serves as an origin story for the infamous monster family. The sitcom of the same name was a hit throughout the 1960s. Officially rated PG, The Munsters marks Zombie’s first non-R-rated film.

Rob Zombie’s New Film ‘The Munsters’ Cast

Jeff Daniel Phillips and Sheri Moon Zombie star as Herman and Lily Munster. Daniel Roebuck stars as The Count. Other cast members include Game of Thrones‘ Richard Brake, Lost‘s Jorge Garcia, The Hobbit‘s Sylvester McCoy, and Elvira‘s Cassandra Peterson. 

The Munsters movie focuses on the tumultuous courtship between Herman and Lily. Her father, The Count, wants other things for his daughter. When he catches wind of the forbidden romance, The Count plots to separate Herman and Lily for good.

Zombie recently announced that The Munsters will stream on Netflix around Halloween. Now, more details about the movie’s release have been unveiled.

Universal Pictures has released a new trailer for the movie. It features some new footage from Zombie’s reboot.

Though this new trailer contains previously seen footage of Herman and Lily’s dating days, it does contain footage of The Count’s contempt for his future son-in-law. He calls him, “that bozo Herman Munster.”

Since it’s an origin story, audiences know how the courtship ends up. However, this trailer shows that the film will be a family-friendly comedy with heart. The trailer highlights the guest stars on the film. These include Brake’s new character, Dr. Henry Augustus Wolfgang, and Garcia as Floop. Also, Peterson stars as Barbara Carr, and original Eddie Munster actor Butch Patrick stars as Tin Can Man.

Fans who buy The Munsters Collector’s Edition on Blu-ray or DVD receive over one hour of special features. These features include behind-the-scenes footage of the cast. Also, fans receive director’s commentary from Zombie.

With The Munsters releasing on DVD and Blu-Ray on September 27, it should debut on Netflix either before or shortly after. However, no exact date has been released.