‘Tiger King’ Star Doc Antle Files for Jail Release

by Emily Morgan

Doc Antle, who faced criticism for locking up animals on Netflix’sTiger King,” wants someone to let him out of his cage. As Antle awaits his trial for money laundering, he’s desperately trying to plead his case, hoping it will free him.

According to TMZ, the “Tiger King” star’s legal team filed new documents, requesting a judge allow him to post bond due to many health issues.

Antle reportedly suffers from atrial fibrillation and high blood pressure. As a result, it makes it risky for him to be locked up due to COVID-19.

According to Antle, if he contracted the virus, it would exacerbate his heart and circulation problems. In addition, he also states that he suffers from sleep apnea, a torn rotator cuff, torn meniscus, dislocated collar bone, and significant pain from old fractures sustained in a car wreck several years ago.

However, there’s more. The TV star also says that his elderly mother, who has been diagnosed with dementia, is set to be under the care of Antle in the coming weeks. If you thought there couldn’t possibly be more, you’re wrong. Of course, there’s also the issue of his animals.

Per Antle, his Myrtle Beach Safari resort could potentially fall into a state of disrepair without Antle there to lead the daily operations. As a result, Antle now requests that a judge take pity on him and free him from behind bars.

Although Antle alleges that he’s had a clean criminal record before this incident, it may not be enough. According to prosecutors, he’s a flight risk since he has the means to make a clean getaway.

‘Tiger King’ alum Doc Antle pleads his case, begs to be let out of jail

As reported in the past, Antle currently faces money laundering charges in a federal court. If a judge rules that he’s guilty, he could be locked up for quite a while. However, at this time, he’s denied all the accusations. The judge presiding over the case has yet to weigh in on his motion for release.

Earlier this month, Antle, whose real name is Bhagavan Antle, was arrested by the FBI in Horry County, South Carolina. Before the arrest, authorities indicted him in 2020 for felony wildlife trafficking. An investigation found evidence he trafficked lion cubs between South Carolina and Virginia.

Following the indictment, Antle released a statement saying, “I am terribly shocked and disappointed at the charges that have been filed against me by the Commonwealth of Virginia, and how they have sought to involve my daughters in this matter.”

Meanwhile, fellow “Tiger King” star Joe Exotic maintains that no one consulted with him about the new series, “Joe Vs. Carole.” During an interview, John Cameron Mitchell, who plays the infamous tiger wrangler in this series, revealed that the production staff advised him not to contact Exotic about the show.

“Production encouraged not to,” Mitchell said. “We also wanted to be impartial. We’re not on Joe or Carole’s side. And you know, he would demand to see the script. It would just be a nightmare.”