Timeline for Netflix Password Sharing Crackdown Receives an Update

by Shelby Scott

Netflix has held its rank as the world’s leading streaming platform for years. However, recently the company has come under fire for a litany of controversial changes. And, frankly, none of them have been to the benefit of subscribers. A couple of controversial instances affecting Netflix’s long-held reign include 150 U.S. layoffs in early May. That particular decision was preceded by the company’s choice to introduce ad-supported content to the platform within the year. Now though, we have some marginally good news for Netflix subscribers. The latest news regarding the coming change states the streaming platform is reportedly not moving forward with its password-sharing crackdown as quickly as we thought.

According to PopCulture, many believed the streaming platform would enact all of its new changes quickly— despite massive subscriber backlash. The outlet states doing so would enable Netflix to “stem the tide” quickly. However, despite its urgency in canceling underperforming shows and series with growing budgets, Netflix has chosen to wait to enact its password crackdown. TechRadar reports the delay in Netflix’s password sharing crackdown will, likely, extend through the summer.

So far, the streaming company has begun tests with the new policy in three Central and South American countries. A Netflix spokesperson more specifically said, “We are working to understand the utility of [the password sharing policy] in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru, before making changes anywhere else in the world.”

Unfortunately, the spokesperson had nothing more useful to add. Meanwhile, TechRadar predicts Netflix won’t globally enact the password crackdown at least until September. Although the platform does plan to move forward with the changes by the end of the calendar year.

Netflix Could Introduce Ad-Supported Content Sooner than We Think

Fortunately, we should not have to pay to share our Netflix passwords at least for a few more months. However, the streaming company could potentially introduce ad-supported content much sooner than we originally believed.

According to the New York Times, Netflix revealed the company is officially planning on rolling out its all-new ad-supported lower-priced subscription package. However, we now have a timeline, with the company likely to introduce the unwelcome change later this year.

Netflix’s ad service marks a major changeup in the company’s dynamic. Part of what’s continuously made it the world’s leading streaming service is the fact that it’s never once boasted ads. Nevertheless, the company needs a new string of income; especially after losing a record 200,000+ subscribers in the first three months of 2022.

Previously, Reed Hastings, Co-Chief Executive of Netflix, reportedly said the company would consider introducing ads over the next year or so. However, now, he has hinted that change could happen much sooner, stating, “it’s fast and ambitious, and it will require some trade-offs.”