WATCH: Herman Is Looking for Love in New ‘Munsters’ Clip From Rob Zombie

by Craig Garrett

The Munsters prequel film is set to drop on Netflix this fall, and a new clip shows Herman Munster looking for love. Director Rob Zombie took to his official Instagram to share a short video from the forthcoming movie. The clip serves as something of a personal ad for the lumbering lug, as Herman lists what he most wants in a potential mate.

The video shows scenes from the upcoming The Munsters film. Most of the clips show Herman up to hijinks, with his character describing his current marital status. Herman states that he’s looking for a “vision” and a “queen.” After too long as a bachelor romancing “honey babies,” the hulking lunk is looking to settle down. He claims he’s ready for a long-time partner and to have some little boils and ghouls with. While Herman may be sophisticated now, he is a self-proclaimed “country boy” on the lookout for genuine love.

Fans know that Herman will find true love with Lily by the time the events of The Munsters series roll around. However, Rob Zombie alludes to some complications in Herman’s quest for love in his upcoming film. “Good old Herman looking for love in all the wrong places,” Zombie captions the clip.

More clips from The Munsters are expected from Rob Zombie soon

In Rob Zombie’s upcoming film, Herman Munster is played by Jeff Daniel Phillips, while Sheri Moon Zombie is in the role of Lily. Rounding out The Munsters trio is Daniel Roebuck as Grandpa Munster. The cast also includes The Howling star Dee Wallace and the mistress of the dark herself, Cassandra “Elvira” Peterson. Zombie is also bringing back original show cast members Butch Patrick and Pat Priest in roles for the film. The film is a prequel to the series, telling the story of Herman and Lily’s courtship. Though shot in vibrant color, the film otherwise seems to be faithful to the spirit of the original ’60s sitcom.

Starting last fall, Rob Zombie has been very open about the feature, sharing set design pictures and costume ideas on his social media. Since then, he’s been incredibly forthcoming with his casting additions, as well as posters and trailers surrounding the upcoming film. There are fan rumors that the trailers are personally cut by Zombie himself. It’s possible since the film is part of Universal’s 1440 Entertainment label, which handles low-budget, straight-to-video fare. It’s likely that in the coming days Grandpa and Lily will get short trailers like this one for Herman.

There’s not much time left to wait for Rob Zombie’s film to land on Netflix. It’s set to drop on DVD and Blu-ray on September 27th before streaming on Netflix shortly after.