WATCH: Mark Wahlberg Posts New Look at Upcoming Netflix Movie

by Megan Molseed

The upcoming Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart buddy flick is headed to Netflix next weekend. And Wahlberg is giving fans a brand-new look at the upcoming streaming comedy film in a recent Twitter update. And this Me Time sneak peek is a great one, giving us a 30-second long wild ride as we see all the shenanigans…or “crazy stuff” the two Me Time stars find themselves getting into throughout the film.

“Where would we be without our best friends getting us to do crazy stuff?!” the Boogey Nights star asks in his Sunday, August 21 Twitter post.

Get ready for some epic ME TIME,” the star writes, adding that the film will premiere “worldwide August 26 on @netflix.”

The upcoming film follows stay-at-home dad Sonny (Kevin Hart) who is hoping to carve out some “alone time.” And, his friend Huck (Mark Wahlberg) decides to make this happen, inviting him out for a night of fun. Initially, Sonny spends his time doing what he thinks is fun, enjoying a variety of laid-back “family man” activities. However, Wahlberg’s Huck has some very different plans, dragging Sonny to a variety of wild experiences.

Kevin Hart And Mark Wahlberg Take Some Me Time In Upcoming Netflix Flick

The teaser for this upcoming film notes that “your best friend brings out your best self.” And as the sneak peeks show us, Hart’s Sonny and Wahlberg’s Huck certainly get each other outside of their respective comfort zones!

As the sneak-peek continues we see that the two best friends are living their best life and then some. One of these moments comes as Huck drags his buddy to a sort of make-shift burning man event. The clip shows us that the duo encounters some terrifying wildlife…big cats to be specific.

The duo also do some cliff jumping as they don the winged suits, trying to “fly” off the edge in a heart-racing stunt. However, as one would expect from a Netflix buddy comedy, things don’t go quite as smoothly as one would hope. “It’s always something crazy,” Kevin Hart’s character exclaims as they prepare to jump off the cliff. “This is too much!”

Wahlberg Prepares For Another Comedy-Action Film

Fans are preparing for the release of this Wahlberg/Hart comedy to hit Netflix, later this month. And, as we prepare for this, fans of the former rapper are getting even more news about another upcoming Mark Wahlberg comedy-drama project.

The project, titled The Family Plan follows the life of a suburban father who takes his family on the run after his past begins to catch up with him. Wahlberg will be producing the film. Also heading the film production are Municipal Pictures’ Stephen Levinson, Skydance’s David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, and Don Granger.