WATCH: Netflix Fans Create Massive Tribute to ‘Stranger Things’ Character in Farm Pasture

by Megan Molseed

The final two episodes of Stranger Things’ fourth season finally found their way onto the popular streaming service Netflix in recent weeks. And, with this premiere came some shocking moments that fans of the series never expected. Including the death of one viewer-favorite character, Joseph Quinn’s Eddie Munson. Now, some fans of the Netflix series are paying tribute to the character. Even taking to Indiana farm fields hoping to ensure the character is here to stay!

The Stranger Things Twitter page is sharing an impressive work of Eddie art…a massive tribute to the Netflix character created in a farm pasture. The prairie grass creation is a depiction of one of the most popular Eddie Munson scenes.

“[Eddie], this one’s for you,” the Stranger Things Twitter page says in the recent post. The post includes a twenty-one-second clip of a farm field as the classic 1986 Metallica hit Master Of Puppets. As the footage flies over the prairie grass, we see an image begin to appear. Soon, it becomes super clear…we are looking at a tribute to Eddie Munson. Complete with the trending phrase Stranger Things fans now know well, “Eddie Munson 4Ever.”

Stranger Things Fan Creates A Massive Tribute To Eddie In…Where Else? An Indiana Field!

Stan Herd, who is known for his earthwork, created this impressive piece of artwork, notes a Netflix update. The artist chose to memorialize the Stranger Things character in a place ultra meaningful to Eddie himself…an Indiana field!

In the character’s fourth season intro scene, the Stranger Things character hops onto the cafeteria table giving a rousing speech about “forced conformity.” The scene includes a moment where Eddie goes metal, posing with his fingers as horns while sticking out his tongue. Certainly, this is the perfect inspiration for a prairie-grass depiction of the popular Netflix character!

Selecting The Perfect Eddie Munson Image To Re-Create In The Indiana Field

According to the artist, he hadn’t initially considered the “dynamics” of this particular shot. Additionally, Herd notes that he “pursued” images he felt the Netflix actor, Joseph Quinn may appreciate. After all, the artist says, Quinn will be represented “in perpetuity” on the field as he continues a career. He then turned to his art director for further advice.

“At that point, I asked Kyra [Rosele, his art director] to begin to manipulate the image,” the artist recalls.

“Through posterization techniques that break down an image into color and shadow layers,” Herd adds. All of this, the artist says, is in an effort to “define the final look.”

“The image we chose had about 11 different layers of color,” Herd explains. “Dark shadow to highlight.”

The impressive piece of Stranger Things art spans the length of one entire acre. The impressive work of art is also made entirely out of natural materials.