‘Wednesday’: Christina Ricci Speaks Out About Addams Family Return for Netflix

by Chris Piner

Created by cartoonist Charles Addams, The Addams Family started out as nothing but a single-panel cartoon in 1938. Now, in 2022, Netflix anticipates their new hit show revolving around the peculiar family coming this Fall. Between its conception to the new Netflix show, the story of The Addams Family came in several different formats. There was the hit television show, movies, comic books, and even a video game. And showing that the family knows no bounds, there was also a Broadway musical with decades of merchandising. Taking a moment to look back on her contribution to the family, actress Christina Ricci recently explained returning to The Addams Family

Unlike the shows and movies that came before Netflix, the new series, created by Tim Burton, focuses on the daughter Wednesday as she navigates being a teenager and a string of mysterious murders surrounding her new school. Giving a fresh take on the historic family, Christina Ricci discussed her return with Collider. “Well, it’s, I mean, you know, it’s such a fun world. And, you know, it’s sort of I’ve always viewed myself as a kind of a natural contrarian. And so being in a world where everybody’s just like thrilled to be doing the wrong thing. It’s just great for me, I love it. So that is what that world represents a lot for me emotionally.”

Christina Ricci Talks Amazing Cast

Although Christina Ricci understands her own star status, she admitted to being just a small part of an amazing cast and, of course, Tim Burton. “It’s Tim Burton, I was so honored to be asked by him because he is just, you know, a genius. And then also to be a part to be asked to be a part of the new version of this thing that is a huge part of my identity and my history in my life.”

As for what fans should expect from Christina Ricci in Wednesday. “It’s such a fun world, and my character is outrageous and fun and different than anything I’ve done, and it was really great. And I just had a really lovely experience on that with Jenna, who is amazing, and I think now people have a taste of her Wednesday, and it’s gonna be fantastic. She is really incredible. And Gwendoline Christie, I love working with her. She’s my favorite.”

Wednesday Stars Top Talent In Hollywood

Besides Christina Ricci returning to the world of The Addams Family, Wednesday hosts top talents like Catherine Zeta-Jones as Morticia Addams and Luis Guzmán as Gomez Addams. Other cast members include Gwendoline Christie as Larissa Weems, Riki Lindhome as Dr. Valerie Kinbott, Isaac Ordonez as Pugsley, and the leading role of Wednesday, Jenna Ortega.