‘Wednesday’ Showrunner Explains ‘The Addams Family’ Dynamics in New Netflix Series

by Chris Piner

When it comes to established franchises, many often recall Star Wars, Star Trek, Indiana Jones, and even comic book series like Batman and Iron Man. But there is one franchise that went far beyond television and movies as it was featured in video games, comics, and even a hit Broadway musical. Created in 1938, the loving but sometimes misunderstood Addams Family entertained readers and viewers for the last 84 years. And the franchise continues to evolve thanks to a new Netflix series helmed by the creators of Smallville, Miles Millar and Alfred Gough. 

With the first trailer dropping on Wednesday, the new Addams Family series, entitled Wednesday, follows the daughter of Morticia Addams, played by Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Gomez, portrayed by Luis Guzmán. As for the roles of Wednesday and her brother Pugsley, they include Jenna Ortega and Isaac Ordonez. Speaking about the new series and how it differs from other variations of the loveable family, the creators explained how Wednesday, who the show revolves around, is no longer the small girl she used to be. On the cusp of adulthood, Wednesday finds herself juggling life as an Addams, a string of mysterious murders, and the problems that come with being a teenager. 

Creators Talk Working With Tim Burton On Wednesday

While the creators took some liberties with their take on the franchise, Millar explained how there are some original elements to the show. For starters, the relationship between Wednesday and her brother Pugsley. Although Wednesday finds herself bullying her brother, she often defends him from other bullies. Millar described it as a love-hate relationship that many teenagers go through with their siblings. 

“She’s allowed to torture him. Nobody else is. That’s the difference. She will defend him to the end against bullies or anything else, but she has license to do what she wants.” Miles Millar added, “She’s protective of him in a very Wednesday way. Every family is weird and this one happens to be extremely weird, but they love each other, and that’s ultimately what it’s about. They always have each other’s backs and that’s unconditional love.”

Taking on such an established franchise, Miles Millar admitted to calling in a legendary director known for tackling the strange and absurd, Tim Burton. While excited to work with Burton on Wednesday, Millar said Burton brought his own take to the show. “ He had a lot of questions about the previous television work we’d done, like how we were able to achieve it. He really loved that you had time to be with Wednesday and explore the character and you didn’t have to, you know, wrap things up in an hour and 45 minutes.”

Besides being a big fan of Tim Burton, Miles Millar concluded, “The ambition of the show was to make it an eight-hour Tim Burton movie.”