‘Wednesday’: When Does the New ‘Addams Family’ Series Premiere on Netflix?

by Craig Garrett

Netflix will be streaming a new series based on the classic Addams Family characters, with a new teaser just released a few days ago. The streamer will be serving up paranormal fun with Wednesday. The series centers on the Addams Family member as a teen, played by Scream star Jenna Ortega. The show is being overseen by one of the spookiest directors around, Tim Burton. With films like BeetlejuiceEdward Scissorhands, and Sleepy Hollow, Burton seems like the perfect fit for an Addams Family show. 

Wednesday‘s cast also features Catherine Zeta-Jones as Morticia Addams, while Luis Guzmán will play Gomez Addams. Newcomer Isaac Ordonez will portray Pugsley Addams. Christina Ricci, who played Wednesday in the 1990s Addams Family films, will also be in the series as a new character called Marilyn Thornhill. So far, the casting of Uncle Fester is under wraps.

In the teaser for Wednesday, Netflix revealed the series is set to drop in the fall. Fans are speculating on a more specific date. It seems likely that the series would be a perfect fit for the Halloween season, so an October release seems probable. However, Netflix will be the home to another ghoulishly fun family, The Munsters. The new film, directed by Rob Zombie, is also set to debut on the streamer this fall.

Wednesday and The Munsters sharing Netflix this fall harkens back their 1960’s glory days

This fall will prove to be a strong one for those of us that enjoy the spooky season. Halloween Ends is slated for release on October 14th. It might be the first year on record that a new Halloween film dropped while new Addams Family and Munsters projects were running. Indeed, Netflix having both The Munsters and Wednesday dropping so close together is nostalgic for fans of the classic shows.

It’s easy to see why the two shows measure up so well together. Both monstrous families aired concurrently from 1964 to 1966. The Munsters has 70 episodes in the original run, while The Addams Family has 64. Each show has an iconic theme most people can imitate to this day. Both shows feature outsider preteen sons. Morticia Addams and Lily Munster are each raven-haired, supportive wives. Finally, both shows are led by hilarious patriarchs. Fred Gwynne plays Herman Munster with childlike glee, while John Astin plays Gomez Adams with a more sly, devilish side. 

Both the new Munsters film and Wednesday are slated for release this fall, just in time for Halloween. The Munsters movie DVD drops on September 27th, so it’s likely to join Netflix soon after. The original The Munsters series is streaming on Peacock if you want to bone up before the new film’s release. Meanwhile, the classic episodes of The Addams Family can be watched on Amazon Prime.