What Kevin Costner Movies Are on Netflix Right Now? See the Full List

by Emily Morgan

The success of “Yellowstone” has undeniably brought Kevin Costner a new resurgence in his career. However, long before he became John Dutton, the veteran actor was making movie magic. Now, we’re looking at every Kevin Costner movie you can stream on Netflix

As one of the biggest stars of the ’80s and ’90s, Costner has starred in movies of all genres. From action flicks to romance dramas, Costner quickly proved he was a force to be reckoned with in the industry. 

In the ’90s, he starred in blockbuster movies such as Robin Hood: Prince Of ThievesThe Bodyguard, and JFK. He also made his directorial debut in the academy-award-winning film, Dances With Wolves.

During the 2000s, Costner proved how malleable he was as an actor when he took on more risky roles in films such as 3000 Miles To Graceland and Mr. Brooks. In the last decade, he’s continued to thrive as an actor. However, the hit series “Yellowstone” has really proved that he’s a legend in his own right. 

Now, if you want to go back and watch some of his previous work, here’s what you can stream on Netflix right now. 

Wyatt Earp, currently available for streaming, is the 1994 biopic about the legendary lawman. In addition to Costner, this Western film has other incredible actors in its cast, including Gene Hackman and Dennis Quaid. 

Kevin Costner fans can binge some of the icon’s best performances on Netflix

However, its long runtime and slow pace make it somewhat less enjoyable than some of his other work. Still, for newly initiated Costner fans, Wyatt Earp is a must-watch. 

Next, you can stream Rumor Has It. The 2005 rom-com stars Costner, Jennifer Aniston, Shirley MacLaine, and Mark Ruffalo. It follows Aniston’s character learning her grandmother may have acted as the inspiration for the classic film, The Graduate. Sadly, the movie didn’t fare so well with critics, and as a result, it’s one of Costner’s more forgettable films. 

Later, you can watch Molly’s Game, which acts as a biopic of underground poker champ Molly Bloom. Based on Bloom’s memoir, Jessica Chastain received critical acclaim for her performance in the lead role. 

In addition, the movie also stars Idris Elba and Kevin Costner as Larry Bloom, Molly’s father, who encouraged her to train as an Olympic skier before she turned to poker. 

Finally, you can watch Kevin Costner, and Woody Harrelson join forces in The Highwaymen. The period piece was an original Netflix movie. It’s based on the true-life story of the Texas Rangers who went after the infamous duo, Bonnie and Clyde. 

Previously, the project was planned to act as a reunion for Paul Newman and Robert Redford. However, after it was delayed, Costner and Woody Harrelson signed on, and it later mainly received glowing reviews.