Why ‘Ozark’ Fans Remain Divided Over Ruth Even After the Series Ended

by Leanne Stahulak

While for the most part, several “Ozark” fans rooted for Julia Garner’s character Ruth Langmore, not everyone felt that way. Especially after Season 4 dropped.

If you look at Ruth’s journey over the course of the four “Ozark” seasons, you see her character both grow and regress in different ways. You see her relationships with the Byrdes grow stronger and then fall apart, leaving her mostly to fend for herself in the final season. And during that lonely time, she makes some decisions that cause fans to lose sympathy for her.

According to Looper, one “Ozark” fan started this hot take of a discussion on Reddit earlier. The original poster came in swinging, titling the discussion thread, “Ruth is the worst.”

They go on to explain how the Season 4 storyline didn’t make sense to them and turned them off to Ruth’s character. Surprisingly, a good number of fellow fans took to the comments to agree about some aspects of the poster’s point.

“First off…Ruth’s death did hurt a little,” one person commented. “That being said, the whole the Byrds ruined my life and took everything from me story was hard to swallow. How many times did Marty warn her that the choices she’s making were going to end badly?”

For context, members of Ruth’s family were killed by cartel member Javi Elizonndro. So, she went and murdered him, despite Marty and Wendy Byrde warning her not to. Javi’s mother, Camila, ended up killing Ruth in retribution during the series finale.

But throughout Season 4, Ruth made it her mission to make Marty’s life miserable since he was partially responsible for her trauma and tragedies. Even though Marty initially helped her at the beginning of the series.

“Ruth is a dynamic character. Personally, I’ve never liked her based on her introduction. In my opinion, Ruth was very entitled, conniving, and cold,” another fan commented. “Granted, I can understand how her circumstances caused her to act that way. However, my biggest gripe with Ruth was her inability to ever view Marty as an ally.”

‘Ozark’ Star Julia Garner Reveals What She’ll Miss Most About Ruth Langmore

Whether or not fans liked or disliked Ruth Langmore, no one can deny that Julia Garner did an absolutely phenomenal job portraying her on “Ozark.” For all four seasons.

It’s sad to think that we won’t see Garner in that role again, whether the “Ozark” showrunners decide to make a spinoff series or sequel movie or what. They’ve confirmed that Ruth is dead for good, and Garner supports that decision. However, that doesn’t mean she won’t miss playing her onscreen.

Recently, Garner and co-star Jason Bateman sat down for an “Ozark” panel at the FYSEE event by Netflix. There, Garner answered what she’ll miss most about her character.

“Everything. I can’t even describe that question,” Garner said. “Just her as a person – it’s just so much fun and layered. But I think the thing I’ll miss the most is shooting this project with everyone. We were just saying, we have an Ozark standard that’s just so unrealistic because this job was so incredible.”