‘1883’ Fans Can’t Get Over What Isabel May Said About Tim McGraw, Faith Hill on the ‘Kelly Clarkson Show’

by Amy Myers

Since the end of the Yellowstone prequel 1883, stars Isabel May, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have been incredibly open about their relationship both on and off set. Even though the trio is close now, May recently admitted that she didn’t know who the famous country couple was before the show.

While appearing as a guest on the Kelly Clarkson Show, May spoke to her experience of having McGraw and Hill as her on-screen parents. Not surprisingly, the actress behind Elsa Dutton gushed about the pair, noting that they were “the loveliest people I think I ever met.”

But what fans of 1883 didn’t know was just how green May was to their legendary music.

“Tim knows this already, so this isn’t a big shock to him, but I didn’t know who they were,” May admitted. “I didn’t know that they were big.”

Sure enough, the comments section of the clip blew up at the news.

“County music fans all over the world just gasped,” one 1883 fan joked.

Likewise, Clarkson couldn’t believe the 21-year-old had never heard McGraw’s or Hill’s music.

“What rock did you live under?” she joked.

Another fan pointed out that McGraw wasn’t just famous for his music. He was also in quite a few shows and films.

“The Blind Spot. Friday Night Lights. The kingdom. Country Strong. Flicka. Tomorrowland. Ugh. Faith hill was all over pop stations,” the fan pointed out.

Meanwhile, others were more understanding of May’s innocence when it came to McGraw and Hill.

“Isabel shouldn’t feel bad. I knew who Faith&Tim are, but not familiar with their music, ‘cuz I don’t follow country music much,” one sympathetic 1883 watcher said.

Another agreed, “She didn’t live under a rock. She’s cool. She likes old movies, loves to read both fiction and non-fiction, rather than to go to a club and party. She’s one intelligent chic!”

‘1883’s Isabel May Says She Got to Know McGraw and Hill as ‘Human Beings’

According to the young 1883 star, she’s pretty new to a lot of country culture icons because she never spent a whole lot of time on social media or in front of a TV. But apparently, this was actually for the best.

“I got to get to know them as human beings,” May explained. “There was a blank slate.”

Basically, May developed a relationship with the country duo without feeling starstruck about how huge they were on both TV and in music. And from how much time the three spent together, it’s safe to say they developed an unbreakable bond.

In turn, it seems that in some capacity, McGraw and Hill will always be May’s parents.