‘1883’: ‘Friends’ Star Courteney Cox Praises the ‘Violent’ Paramount+ Series

by Blake Ells

Courteney Cox interviewed Faith Hill for “Actors on Actors,” a series from Variety presented by Apple TV+, recently. The Alabama native discussed a lot of things with the Mississippi-born country music legend and actress. We learned that 1883 creator Taylor Sheridan asked Hill to refrain from shaving under her arms, for instance.

We also learned that Cox is a fan of the show. But the Scream star also admits that it’s violent.

“It’s so violent!” Cox said. “And this comes from someone who does horror films! For some reason…it’s so intense! I just can’t believe it!”

See the clip below.

“It was intense,” Hill responded. “The whole process was intense. The training of it was intense. But it came to us – Taylor Sheridan who had wrote 1883 – he had reached out to Tim [McGraw, Hill’s husband and co-star] and asked if we would be interested in doing a flashback on Yellowstone, telling the story of the Dutton family, how it began and where they came from. And from that flashback came 1883.”

She continued, “Several months after we had been on Yellowstone for the flashbacks, he called and said, ‘Would you be interested in doing an entire series?’ Like a prequel. Telling the story of the Dutton family. And we’re like, ‘Sure. We would love to…read something first?’ You know. I don’t know how this works. I didn’t want to say yes right away. You never know.”

Faith Hill Was Unsure About ‘1883’

Faith Hill wasn’t sure that she wanted to return to acting. She recently revealed on The Kelly Clarkson Show that her experience while filming Stepford Wives soured her on the business. That trepidation may have created her hesitation to immediately commit to Sheridan.

She recalled that at the time, her music career was going well and she had babies. She just didn’t have the time, and while she enjoyed the cast of the film, she vowed to “never, ever, ever, ever, ever do another” movie.

Someone convinced her. Whether that was Sheridan or McGraw, it was a career-defining moment that has earned Hill critical acclaim. TV Guide recently ranked the “100 Best Shows on TV Right Now.” The parent show, Yellowstone, which is entering its fifth season, checked in at 27th. Edging it out on TV Guide’s list? At 26th, it was 1883.

Said Liam Mathews of the higher ranking, “[1883] revitalized the traditional western in a way TV hasn’t seen in decades. 1883 resurrects an ancient strain of western television that goes back to Wagon Train in the 1950s and turns it into a widescreen epic.”

Whatever convinced Hill to do the “violent” and “intense” project, the decision she made seems to be working out so far.