‘1883’ Star Eric Nelsen Posts ‘Photo Dump’ From Family’s Turks & Caicos Vacation

by Leanne Stahulak

“1883” star Eric Nelsen took his family on a gorgeous summer vacation to Turks & Caicos, a group of beautiful islands in the Caribbean, earlier this week.

Based on the “photo dump” that Nelsen posted earlier, it looks like the family had a spectacular time. The “1883” star is married to fellow actress Sainty Nelsen, who you might recognize as a voice actress for “Gabby’s Dollhouse” and several other shows. The couple has been married since 2013 and shares two beautiful kids, Molly Morgan and Mick.

In the first photo that Nelsen posted on Instagram, we see the family rocking matching swimsuits in a beautiful pastel blue. Then we see the “1883” star chilling on a boat. In the background, a much older, more rickety specimen looms behind him. Sainty and Eric Nelsen pose in front of a small airplane and then inside it. And Eric shows off his beautiful smile in a selfie with his son Mick. We also see the kids in individual photos, and a snapshot of Eric taking little Molly Morgan out on a jet ski.

All in all, it looks like the most carefree, relaxing vacation imaginable. See the images for yourself below.

‘1883’ Star Eric Nelsen ‘Honored’ To Be Named Best Actor in Fort Worth Magazine

Although “1883” star Eric Nelsen grew up in Florida, he and his wife Sainty moved down to Fort Worth, Texas, to be closer to her family. And to raise their own down there. And now, after living in the Texas city for two years, Nelsen has officially received an honorary title.

Per a recent Instagram post, Fort Worth Magazine named Nelsen Best Actor/Performer this year for his “1883” stint. It helps that the show was filmed in the city as well, and even included creator Taylor Sheridan in their “Best Of” list.

“Once a year [Fort Worth Magazine] publishes the ‘Best Of’ Fort Worth,” Nelsen wrote in his Instagram caption. “Entertainers, restaurants, bars, retail stores, you name it. Voted on by the people and critics. I’m honored to have been voted ‘Best Actor/Performer’!”

He added, “Taylor Sheridan got ‘Best Writer/Author’(@1883official represent!). Thanks to all the voters! Sharing this issue with some absolutely incredible people.”

When sharing the cover on Instagram, Nelsen also included a snapshot of his conversation with the magazine. He told the outlet, “I fell in love with this town in 2013. I am obsessed with the people. And I am obsessed with the history, the culture, the energy, and everything about it. Of course, I fell even more in love with the city after moving here and being surrounded by all of the wonderful people. I truly think this city has the greatest people in the world.”