‘Criminal Minds’ Has Officially Left Netflix: Here’s How to Stream the Series Now

by Leanne Stahulak

“Criminal Minds” fans who want to refresh themselves on the first 15 seasons will have to binge the episodes on a new streaming service. Netflix officially took the popular show off its platform a few days ago, and now you can only watch previous episodes on Paramount Plus.

The first 15 seasons of “Criminal Minds” originally aired on CBS. Once the seasons wrapped up, they would drop on Netflix so cable-cutters could binge them. But back in 2020, the network canceled the show abruptly, leaving viewers shocked and frustrated with the last-minute ending.

Luckily, in February 2021, Paramount Plus picked up the series for a revival, with Season 16 coming in the next few years. Returning cast members include Joe Mantegna, Kirsten Vangsness, Adam Rodriguez, A.J. Cook, Aisha Tyler, and Paget Brewster, per Yahoo!

In order to prepare fans for the Paramount Plus revival, executives decided that Netflix could no longer house the long-running crime procedural. So now, if you want to watch Criminal Minds, you have to subscribe to Paramount Plus. Or pay for the episodes or seasons individually on Amazon Prime Video.

What Do We Know About ‘Criminal Minds’ Season 16?

“Criminal Minds” fans have been waiting in a sort of limbo for more news about the Season 16 revival. Luckily, cast member Paget Brewster sat down with Decider earlier this week to update fans on the show’s progress.

She said the cast is still waiting to sign contracts for this and potential upcoming seasons. But the show has hired preproduction staffers, which is an encouraging sign. The cast also heard from showrunners that they should prepare for filming to take place in the next few months.

“We’ve been told, ‘Visit your family now, because, in a couple of months, it’s not gonna happen,’” Brewster told the outlet. “So we’re all very confident that it’s going to happen.”

And once that first episode gets underway, then everyone will know that the show is definitely moving forward.

“Once we’ve shot the first episode, that means that Criminal Minds is coming back,” Brewster said. “That’s just how this business is! And it’s all stuff that’s out of our hands. Because we all agreed in November: ‘Yes, we’re all on board, we’re ready to sign.’ So there’s clearly some other structure that needs to be figured out before we can start.”

Likely licensing agreements, budgets, plans for future seasons, etc. It’s no easy thing to bring a show back for a revival, especially when switching from cable to a streaming service. Paramount Plus has to convince all those CBS watchers to subscribe if they want to see their favorite show again.

For now, let’s hope that filming goes smoothly. And hopefully, we can see “Criminal Minds” launch on Paramount Plus in the next year or so.