‘Criminal Minds’ Revival: Major Storyline Confirmed for Paget Brewster’s Emily Prentiss

by Megan Molseed

For months now, we have been eagerly awaiting news on the upcoming Criminal Minds reboot series. From news of the sixteenth season eventually hitting the popular streaming service Paramount +, to updates regarding the returning cast, we have been eagerly awaiting more details regarding the revival.

Now, things are getting even more exciting as we continue to get updates on the storylines we will see in the revival of the popular TV series. This one has to do with a major storyline surrounding actress Paget Brewster’s character, Emily Prentiss.

Paget Brewster’s Emily Prentiss Has A Long History With The Criminal Minds BAU

The character of Emily Prentiss was introduced to Criminal Minds fans early in the show’s 15-season run. Arriving in season two, Paget Brewster’s agent Prentiss fast became a fan-favorite character in the series. So, it was a shocking moment when the character was killed off in the show’s sixth season.

However, fans soon learn that the death was staged for her safety and she makes an official reappearance in the 11th season of Criminal Minds. She later steps into the Unit Cheif position after the exit of Agent Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson). And now, BAU Agent Prentiss will be facing some workplace conflict, as she and the new deputy director do not see eye to eye. This director, reports note, will be questioning Prentiss’s leadership skills. And, fans of the series know well that Prentiss won’t think twice about pushing back against issues such as these.

Fans Are Still Waiting For Final News On Final Casting

As of now, there hasn’t been any news on who will be portraying this deputy director in the revival series. In fact, fans are still waiting for a final word regarding the revival’s cast. But, we do know that the team will stand with each other…even against the higher-ups.

Some of the familiar Criminal Minds faces we know well have announced that they will not be returning in the reboot. Shemar Moore who portrayed BAU agent Derek Morgan in the series left the show before its final episodes. As did Thomas Gibson’s agent Aaron Hotchner.

One surprise for fans of the series, however, is the news that Matthew Gray Gubler is likely not returning in the Criminal Minds revival. Gubler’s character was always a fan favorite as the socially awkward, massively intelligent, Dr. Spencer Reid.

Joe Mantenga Gives Fans A Season 16 Sneak Peek

It was early this year when Paramount + announced the return of Criminal Minds to the TV airwaves. This 10-episode season is set to stream exclusively on Paramount, with production starting next month.

However, one of the show’s stars is already on the case. Working on some “inspections” as he preps for the upcoming project. Joe Mantenga, who plays agent Rossi in the popular series tweeted a teaser earlier this month.

“Just doing a little inspection today for an upcoming project,” he writes in the message. “#criminalminds.”