‘Frasier’ Star Kelsey Grammer Remembers Late Costar John Mahoney Ahead of Show’s Reboot

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

While getting ready to have Frasier appear on the streaming platform Paramount+, Kelsey Grammer is talking about John Mahoney. Longtime fans of the previous show’s incarnation know that Mahoney played cranky father Martin Crane on there. Sadly, Mahoney died at age 77 back in 2018. Now, Grammer is talking about how the show will go about honoring Mahoney’s legacy. But he’s clearing up some thoughts around the show coming back on the air.

“Frasier, in his third or fourth act, is not a reboot, but a new show centered around the character in a new set of circumstances and a new city,” Kelsey Grammer told Fox News Digital. “It is not a reboot.” What about Mahoney? “His loss is and was devastating and must be given the proper attention in honor of the extraordinary man he was and the contribution he made to the show and to the acting profession,” Grammer said. “We will most certainly be honoring him according to his merit. A man of merit he remains to this day.

Kelsey Grammer of ‘Frasier’ Talks Fondly Of John Mahoney

“John was a kind man, and the world cannot afford to lose a kind man at any time,” Kelsey Grammer said. Yet Mahoney, in one of his last in-depth interviews before his death, talked with Fox News about his time on Frasier. He also discussed beating cancer twice.

“I had made some of my biggest movies when I was diagnosed,” Mahoney said. “I wasn’t going to let this cancer get me. (And) I waited too long to do this. When I was told I had cancer, I said, ‘I don’t care. Let’s do whatever we need to do to beat it. It’s not going to get me.’ And the doctors have always said that my attitude had a great deal to do with my cure.

“I just absolutely refused to be beaten by it,” Mahoney said. “It sounds like I’m daring fate. But it’s the truth. It made me work 10 times harder, 10 times more. I turned nothing down and instead tried to do almost everything I was offered to make up for the years that I hadn’t been doing it when I should have. I think that had quite a bit to do with my recovery. (And) I did recover.”

Frasier ran between 1993 until 2004 on NBC. The show piled up 37 Emmy Awards, five of which were for Outstanding Comedy Series. Grammer’s new show lines up for Paramount+. Kelsey Grammer did not have many details about the new show. Yet he is quite happy when it comes to reviving Dr. Crane.