‘Ink Master’ Returning with New Host

by Sean Griffin

Ink Master returns exclusively to Paramount+ on September 7th, and tattoo fans everywhere can’t wait! The show returns with a brand new host and a new panel of judges.

The classic series now retains Good Charlotte singer Joel Madden as host, Variety reports. Season 8 winner Ryan Ashley, celebrity tattoo artist Nikko Hurtado and industry veteran Ami James serve as judges.

Former host Dave Navarro serves as “Master of Chaos.” In that role, he introduces “crazy twists and game-changing bombs to the competition,” according to a press release.

The show’s comeback season airs ten new episodes. Legendary and fan-favorite artists return to compete for the show’s biggest prize: $250,000. Also, of course, they compete for the ultimate title of Ink Master.

Outside of being Good Charlotte’s frontman, Madden co-found Veeps and MDDN, music companies. He’s a veteran with tattoos, as he’s tatted up himself. Judge Ryan Ashley became the first female artist to win Ink Master. Hurtado, known for their color realism art, is a Japanese specialist with over thirty years of experience.

‘Ink Master’ Contains New Twists

“The legends will need to prove they possess the high level skills that sets an Ink Master apart: composition, precision, color theory, finesse, stamina and endurance,” the press release states. “With stakes higher than they’ve ever been, a single misstep could send them home and, in the end, only one artist will walk away with the title.”

Ink Master originally aired for thirteen seasons on Spike and Paramount Network. The series was so successful that it launched three spinoffs in the process — Ink Master: RedemptionInk Master: Angels and Ink Master: Grudge Match.

Prior to joining the new reboot of the show, Madden held many different roles. For instance, he became one of the original judges on Australia’s version of the singing competition The Voice. For the first three seasons of the show, Joel was a coach. When his brother Benji later joined the show, Joel linked with his brother as a duo. He moved to Sydney because of his commitments with The Voice Australia.

In 2012, he served on the 11th annual Independent Music Awards judging panel. In 2015, Madden guest starred on the American television series Empire.

Madden previously made headlines back in 2004 when he was 25 for dating then 16-year-old Hillary Duff. Madden married television personality Nicole Richie in December 2010. He owns homes in both Los Angeles and Syndey.

Ink Master is produced by MTV Entertainment Studios and Truly Original. The show’s executive producers include Glenda Hersh, Steven Weinstock and Andrea Richter. Benjamin Hurvitz, Jessica Zalkind and Tim Palazzola serve as executive producers and Donny Hugo Herran as executive in charge of production for MTV Entertainment Studios.