LOOK: ‘Tulsa King’ Star Sylvester Stallone Drops Series of Stills From Upcoming Series

by Alex Falls

Legendary actor Sylvestor Stallone is hard at work on his new project. In Tulsa King, he stars as Dwight Manfredi, a recently released mafia capo who gets sent to Oklahoma by his New York boss to set up criminal operations in Tulsa.

Stallone has endeared himself to countless fans over the decades by playing iconic film characters like Rocky Balboa and John Rambo. But Tulsa King is the first time Stallone has stepped in front of the TV cameras in a starring role on a series. The show is still months away from releasing on Paramount+, but Stallone is clearly very excited about the project. He’s frequently taken to his Instagram page to hype up the series ahead of its highly-anticipated premiere.

Most recently, Stallone posted a series of stills that gave his followers possibly the best look yet at his new character.

Based on the comments, his fans are just as excited to see the project as Stallone is to make it. “Yo Sly, I am so excited for the Tulsa King!! Love the golden crucifix and and cornicello you’re always wearing! Fantastic look!” wrote one user. “Cant wait! I’ll be watching! Fantastic photos!” wrote another. Lots of comments call the stills “amazing” and even “superlative.”

The Role Stallone Has Been Waiting For

During an interview with ET Online, Stallone talked about what this new role means to him and getting to scratch a lifelong itch.

“I’ve always wanted to play a gangster since… I basically started off my career mugging everyone… but it never happened,” Stallone said. “I have my thoughts on why but better late than never. Taylor Sheridan wrote an idea, a screenplay that was really good. And Terence Winter, who wrote Sopranos and Boardwalk Empire. They put it all together and what you have is East meets West.” 

Stallone is known as one of Hollywood’s most iconic actors. But even at 75 years old he’s ready for the next challenge. Stallone also offered some details about his character and the show’s plot. It sounds like he’s had a blast getting into the mind of Dwight Manfredi.

“Dwight Manfredi has a dark side, but he’s also witty and a real tactician,” Stallone said. “He was at the top of his game until he took the fall for someone else. During 25 years in prison, he goes through a revival and finds his philosophical side. Dwight has regrets and remorse, but it’s the only life he knows. Upon his release he returns to that life, expecting a reward, but instead has been exiled to Tulsa, almost as a punishment, to start a mob.”

The drama will stream on Paramount+. Episodes one and two will also air on Paramount Network after the first two episodes of Yellowstone season five later this year.