‘Mayor of Kingstown’: Nishi Munshi Upped to Series Regular for Upcoming Season 2

by Joe Rutland

All of you Mayor of Kingstown fans can get ready for Season 2 as Nishi Munshi has been promoted to a series regular. We get that news on Thursday from a report from Deadline. Fans of the Taylor Sheridan-Hugh Dillon show know that Munshi plays Tracy McLusky, married to Kyle McLusky, there. She popped up in five episodes of the Paramount Plus series for Season 1. But she’ll be getting more airtime now that she’s going to be on in a regular role.

Jeremy Renner stars in the show. Kyle McLusky, as those fans who watch the show know, plays a police officer in the city of Kingstown. Taylor Handley plays Kyle on there. Where have you seen Munshi on TV before? In shows like Fox’s Lethal Weapon as Erica Malick. Also, she appeared in other shows like The Magicians on Netflix, The Originals, and Pandas in New York.

‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Follows McLusky Family in Series

This series follows the work and dealings of the McLusky family, who pretty much has their hands in Kingstown, Mich., business. In Kingstown, the main business thrust comes from incarceration. Topics covered in the series do include inequality, corruption, and systemic racism. Now, the show has been the top original scripted drama on Paramount Plus since the network rebranded itself. In fact, it was cable TV’s top new scripted premiere since Yellowstone in June 2018. That is according to a statement from Paramount Plus. Other cast members on the show include Dianne Wiest, Kyle Chandler, Taylor Handley, and Emma Laird.

Back in April, we did get news about the show starring up filming for Season 2. Renner, ahead of the show premiering, talked about his role in an interview with Parade. “I don’t know if I was excited as much I was trying to find some ground to stand on,” Renner said. “That world was pretty foreign to me. So the first few weeks it was just about putting my feet on the ground. Trying to understand because everything is also written in the shorthand of that world.”

Wiest is a familiar face to those who keep up with American entertainment. Where else, though, have you seen her? Well, she’s an Academy Award winner. That was back in 1986 as she won the Best Actress in a Supporting Role for Hannah and Her Sisters. Other film work in her career includes Footloose starring Kevin Bacon, The Lost Boys, and even Edward Scissorhands. She plays Miriam McLusky on Mayor of Kingstown and adds quite a presence to the storylines. It will be interesting to see how Season 2 pans out for the Paramount Plus hit show.