Owen Wilson’s New Movie Smashes Streaming Record on Paramount Plus

by Chris Piner

When it comes to producers in Hollywood, no one is having a better year than Jerry Bruckheimer. With Top Gun: Maverick continuing to climb the box office, holding a top five spot for 12 out of the 13 weeks in theaters, Bruckheimer yet again proved his ability to fund a blockbuster hit. But besides watching Tom Cruise speed through the air, it seems the producer has yet another hit with Secret Headquarters. The family film follows Jack Kincaid, played by Owen Wilson, as he received superhero powers from an alien aircraft in order to protect the world. Juggling both family and superhero duties leads to some hard lessons. Starring Owen Wilson, it seems Secret Headquarters is setting records for Paramount+

With theater chains like AMC and Regal claiming they are on the verge of bankruptcy, streaming sites like Paramount+ dominate the entertainment industry. From television to hit films, streaming sites are continuously setting the stage for what the future of Hollywood might look like. 

Excited about the records set by Secret Headquarters and Owen Wilson, the executive vice president and chief marketing officer of Paramount Streaming, Domenic DiMeglio said, “Secret Headquarters has rocketed to superhero status on Paramount+ as a must-watch summer family film, breaking the viewership record for an original movie in the first week of release. We’re thrilled audiences have fallen in love with this fun, action-packed adventure.”

Owen Wilson Enters The MCU And Learns About Spoilers

Surprisingly, Owen Wilson starred in other superhero franchises before Paramount+. He also stars in the hit series Loki on Disney+. Entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Wilson recently discussed the opportunity to work alongside Tom Hiddleston and how Marvel doesn’t joke around when it comes to spoilers. When asked about season two of Loki, the actor said, “Yeah, we’re doing that. Yeah, Tom [Hiddleston] is great. Doing ‘Loki,’ and we’re filming that now in London.” 

When pressed to give more information, Owen Wilson admitted, “Well, I do think that… you know, we’ll see what happens with this one. I immediately get kind of self-conscious because they’re so kind of uptight.” Speaking with Esquire magazine, the actor revealed a Marvel employee texted him after he discussed having a mustache on the show. “I got an ominous text saying ‘Strike 1’. I don’t know who that was, we think it might have been Kevin Feige using a burner phone but that wasn’t confirmed.”

For fans of Owen Wilson and his role in Wedding Crashers, it seems a sequel might be on the way. Although hitting theaters in 2005, Wilson hinted at a sequel, stating, “They’re working on some stuff, yes. David Dobkin, the director, I think he’s sort of, kind of exploring some ideas. And it was kind of, one of those movies that we had such a great time doing it, and then obviously it got a really nice response. So, just hoping if you do do something, that it can live up to the first one.”