Paramount+ Announces Huge Partnership for This Month That Sports Fans Are Going to Love

by Megan Molseed

One major streaming service is partnering with Roku, giving fans access to a variety of TV options including the NFL on CBS. Paramount + is poised to join Roku’s lineup of add-on subscription options later this month. This will allow viewers to access not only the Paramount+ content that’s available…but also the live-programing options.

Roku Is Adding Paramount + Live Programming To The TV Guide Options

When Paramount+ lands on the Roku Channel before the end of the month, it will also include the streamer’s live programming options on the TV guide. These options will be great news for sports fans as they include major NFL games set to air on CBS. It also includes CBS news and entertainment options including Entertainment Tonight, as well as live streams from local CBS stations.

This addition to the Roku channel lineup is just one of many about to hit the service. Paramount + is just one of 50 new subscription services poised to find a spot on the Roku TV guide. Discovery +. Starz, and Showtime – among others – will be added as well.

Subscriptions for the Paramount+ services start at $4.99. This provides viewers with the add-supported option. For just $5 more a month, viewers can get the ad-free option for $9.99. However, if a customer wishes to subscribe to Paramount + via the Roku Channel option, these charges will be part of one single monthly bill which will include all of the customer’s subscription services.

The Roku Channel Option Offers Viewers Some Unique Programming

The Roku Channel has long been offering a fairly large selection of programming to customers. And these newest additions join a bevy of other options available via Roku. Additionally, the Roku Channel had dabbled in a variety of original programming options. Some examples of the Roku Channel’s original offerings include the release of shows that were once available via the Quibi library.

Additionally, fans of the comedic singer and performer Weird Al Yankovic can expect a Roku Channel biopic production. This project is set to hit the Roku lineup later this year. This biopic, starring Daniel Radcliffe, will be detailing the satiric performer’s rise to fame…and what he has been up to in recent years.

Late last month, Roku reported that there are around 63.1 billion active accounts via the service. Now, last quarter, the Roku systems reported as much as 20.9 billion hours of viewing among these customers. However, this number has since dropped just a bit. Now, Roku is reporting 20.7 hours viewed on the service as of July 28.