‘SEAL Team’: How Will the Show Handle the Season 5 Cliffhangers?

by Craig Garrett

Season 5 of SEAL Team ended on a grim cliffhanger, with Clay Spenser (Max Thieriot) badly injured on a combat mission. The season 6 trailer doubled down on Clay’s troubling status in the series. Avid fans know that Max Thieriot is headlining his own show this year, Fire Country. The new show paired with the recent season 6 trailer has viewers speculating on Clay’s future.

It seems somewhat likely that the success of Fire County will directly affect SEAL Team. Right now, Clay is in the hospital recuperating from his injuries according to the trailer. Perhaps if Fire Country is a huge success, Thieriot won’t have as much time to be on hand as Clay. If that’s the case, maybe Clay will be in the hospital recovering for the bulk of the season. This would allow Thieriot to make appearances through the season with minimal location shooting. This would make it easier for the actor to appear on both shows for the time being.

Another option is that Clay won’t return to SEAL Team until a few episodes in the season. This would fit storywise, as it gives the character time to realistically heal. It might also allow Thieriot to manage both shows into his shooting schedule. The option most SEAL Team fans dread is Clay passing away due to his injuries. It’s not totally out of the question, considering the serious nature of the Paramount Plus drama. It obviously would free Max Thieriot up to focus on Fire Country. After all, he is the lead on that show.

From SEAL Team to Fire Country

It’s tough to imagine Max Thieriot would be lured away from SEAL Team, but Fire Country would land the actor in a first-time series lead. Fire Country focuses on a young convict Bode Donovan (Thieriot) who enlists in a firefighting program in return for a shortened prison sentence. Bode works with elite firefighters to battle Northern Californian wildfires. Matters are complicated when Bode is placed in his rural hometown, which is the root of where his troubled past begins. With wildfires being such a topic of concern for the past several years, putting a new spotlight on those that fight them seems overdue.

Long-time fans of Max Thieriot will be excited about his return to a more gritty outsider role. Thieriot’s breakout as an actor was playing the troubled criminal and brother of Norman Bates, Dylan Massett for 5 seasons on Bates Motel. While he made a name for himself on Bates Motel as an actor, he also managed to direct an episode. This no doubt leads to Thieriot directing two episodes of SEAL Team across six seasons so far.

Thieriot’s status on both Fire Country and SEAL Team is up in the air. However, for now, he will pull double duty as an elite tactical warrior and firefighter.