‘SEAL Team’: Max Thieriot Return Confirmed for Upcoming Season Despite New Show in the Works

by Craig Garrett

Max Thieriot (Navy SEAL Clay Spenser) is not yet exiting SEAL Team for his new role in the upcoming CBS drama Fire Country. Thieriot has played Clay since the show debuted in 2017, opposite David Boreanaz and A.J. Buckley.

Some fans of SEAL Team were concerned when Max was cast in the upcoming Fire Country. With Fire Country being picked up for a full season premiering this fall, would Thieriot be exiting the military drama? TV Line recently put those concerns to rest, confirming Max would definitely return for season 6.

Scheduling allowed Max Thieriot to film both shows

Fire Country filmed its pilot before the current season of SEAL Team began production. SEAL Team is currently in production, while it’s most likely that Fire Country will be filming in late summer. This makes it possible for Max Thieriot to juggle both programs for the time being.

How long could this dual role can be maintained is up in the air. It doesn’t seem likely he would be able to play roles in both shows since they require peak conditioning and stunt work. Still, Thieriot has an extreme work ethic. In addition to his film work, Max also is a vinter and owns several vineyards. Regardless, fans of SEAL Team should rest assured that Thierot’s Clay Spenser will return for at least one more season.

Fire Country spotlights those battling wildfires

It’s tough to imagine Max Thieriot would be lured away from SEAL Team, but Fire Country would land the actor in a first time series lead. Fire Country focuses on a young convict Bode Donovan (Thierot) that enlists in a firefighting program in return for a shortened prison sentence. Bode works with elite firefighters to battle Northern Californian wildfires. Matters are complicated when Bode is placed in his rural hometown, which is the root where his troubled past begins. With wildfires being such a topic of concern for the past several years, putting a new spotlight on those that fight them seems overdue.

Long time fans of Max Thieriot will be excited to him return to a more gritty outsider role. Thieriot’s breakout as an actor was playing troubled criminal and brother of Norman Bates, Dylan Massett for 5 seasons on Bates Motel. While he made a name for himself on Bates Motel as an actor, he also managed to direct an episode. This no doubt lead to Thierot directing two episodes of SEAL Team across six seasons so far.

The success of Fire Country will likely determine his future in SEAL Team season 7. Being the lead in a successful network show could mean Max would be forced to prioritize. For now, Max Thieriot will pull double duty as a firefighter and Navy SEAL.