‘SEAL Team’ Star AJ Buckley Says Season 6 Is ‘Coming In Hot’

by Shelby Scott

With summer in full swing, we’re not the only ones enjoying all the leisure activities the season has to offer. Many of our favorite procedural dramas have wrapped up their latest seasons for the year and that means TV’s most dynamic casts are also taking a break.

Unfortunately, that also means we have to wait several months before hits like NCIS, Blue Bloods, and more return to the small screen. But, thankfully, for fans of SEAL Team, series star AJ Buckley says season six of the military show is “coming in hot.” Check out his post below:

“Season 6 [of ‘SEAL Team’] is coming in hot,” Buckley announced. “Have a great weekend !”

Fans flocked to the comments, sharing their excitement, as well as their impatience, for the new season.

“We need an announcement on the season premiere,” one of Buckley’s followers insisted. “[You] can’t keep me on the edge of my seat for this long.”

When season five of SEAL Team aired its finale, fans were shocked by an explosive ending. Ultimately, we were left wondering which characters survived the explosion.

Given the SEAL Team star’s excitement for the upcoming season, we can be sure the hit show will return to Paramount Plus with still more captivating plots. Unfortunately, though, filming has only recently begun. As such, we shouldn’t expect a trailer for the upcoming season at least for another few weeks.

‘SEAL Team’ Adds Raffi Barsoumian as Series Regular

A dynamic conclusion to season five’s epic cliffhanger isn’t the only thing SEAL Team fans should expect when the show returns to its streaming platform. Following the season five finale, showrunners also announced actor Raffi Barsoumian will join the cast as a series regular.

According to Deadline, Barsoumian will play the character Omar, a seasoned SEAL with fifteen years of experience. Additionally, Omar will play a crucial role in the show given that the character is the son of Syrian immigrants. Because of this, his knowledge of the Middle East will surely be invaluable.

With season six of SEAL Team still months from its premiere, we’re wondering what other potential changes the fast-paced drama will welcome. Ahead of Barsoumian’s addition to the cast, SEAL Team underwent a major change, with the previous season marking its first to stream exclusively on Paramount Plus. Following its move from CBS to the streaming platform, SEAL Team quickly became one of Paramount Plus’s most popular TV dramas.

Additionally, we’re also wondering just how much of longtime star Max Thieriot we’ll see during the upcoming season of SEAL Team. Thieriot has been one of the show’s leading cast members since it premiered in 2017, playing fan-favorite character Clay Spenser. This year, however, could prove difficult for the Clay actor as Thieriot will also star in the brand new CBS series, Fire Country. Fortunately, SEAL Team showrunners have confirmed the star will in fact return, though we’re still in the dark about just how frequently.