‘SEAL Team’ Star Max Thieriot’s Fans Can’t Get Enough of His Throwback Pic With Vin Diesel, Brad Garrett

by Sean Griffin

SEAL Team star Max Thieriot posted a throwback picture to Instagram on Wednesday, and fans can’t get enough!

“3 dudes lookin tough as hell… about to step in front of camera to do ‘The sound of music’ #waybackwednesday #thepacifier,” the actor wrote in his caption.

Fans quickly commented on the post, laughing along with the star.

” I love that movie!!!!” one fan wrote. Another chimed in, saying, “Wow!! Great memories for you I’m sure!!”

Another fan said, “Wow can’t believe that was you! Loved that movie when it came out, remember seeing it in theaters with friends haha. Awesome bro.” One fan wrote, “Wow I feel old. I remember this movie when I was a kid.”

“Catch that kid was the first movie I saw you in and then this came out and i was obsessed” one fan recalled.

One wrote about how they never made the connection between the Max Thieriot and the film. “For all the times i watched this film i didn’t realize who it was.”

Lastly, another fan wrote “Wow had no idea that you were in that movie. I knew I had seen you somewhere when I watched seal team but had no idea it was this movie.”

Max Thieriot’s Co-Star’s Career Advice for Aspiring Actors

SEAL Team actor AJ Buckley, Max Thieriot’s co-star on the show, recently shared career advice for actors just starting out in the business.

Buckley, who’s played Sonny Quinn since 2017, has some sound advice.

“You’ve got to create your own path,” the “SEAL Team” star began. “You have to put the work in.”

The fact is true, as with any career. However, Buckley added that in the world of acting, “There’s no easy way, you have to commit and go after it.”

I was on two series prior to SEAL Team,” the actor explained. “I was on CSI: New York and also recurred on a show called Supernatural. Both characters I was playing these nerdy guys. In one I was this ghost hunter and the other I was a lab rat. When I got off the show I was perceived as this nerdy guy.”

While we now recognize Buckley for his macho role on SEAL Team, he shared he’d previously been iconic for what could be deemed as nerdier roles. However, he decided he wanted to break the mold of that typecast. This led the SEAL Team star to mold his physical body into one that would be more suitable for military roles.

However, the actor says that belief in himself is what propelled him forward.

“There’s going to be hard days but the hard days make you stronger,” Buckley concluded.

Buckley’s work paid off. Three years later, the actor revealed a friend had written a part with him in mind on the set of SEAL Team. After all of his efforts, Buckley said, “I got this role of a lifetime.”