‘SEAL Team’: When Can Fans Expect News of Season 6’s Premiere Date?

by Shelby Scott

In some aspects, summer is the worst time of the year. Above all else, it means the majority of our favorite crime shows and dramas are on hiatus. Fortunately, television networks such as CBS have at least revealed premiere dates for many of those series. So, at the moment, we at least know return dates for several beloved shows. A few include NCIS, Blue Bloods, and FBI to name a few. However, with SEAL Team streaming on Paramount Plus, we’re still waiting to hear news regarding the military drama’s season six premiere date. When should we expect an update?

Well, probably not in the near future. Like most shows, CarterMatt reports SEAL Team isn’t likely to return until sometime this fall. The show’s season five finale aired way back in January. So at this point, fans have already been at the edge of their seats for months.

Amid our already excruciating wait, CarterMatt suggested SEAL Team fans should expect an interview or an official tease from Paramount whenever producers do decide to go public with new information. That said, we’re still waiting on official word from the series’ streaming platform.

‘SEAL Team’ Star Max Thieriot Will Return For Season 6 While Starring in CBS’s ‘Fire Country’

Apparently, SEAL Team alone doesn’t offer enough excitement for Clay Spenser actor Max Thieriot. This fall, the TV star also plans to headline a brand new show on CBS called Fire Country.

Thieriot’s role on Fire Country differs drastically from the role he’s held since SEAL Team premiered in 2017. The Paramount series sees Thieriot as a soldier and father. Meanwhile, Fire Country sees the actor as a convict that joins a firefighting program in an attempt to shorten his sentence. In doing so, he’s also aiding Cal Fire’s firemen in extinguishing the coastal state’s worst wildfires.

Overall, the two shows should surely provide Max Thieriot with some sort of scheduling conflict, as he plays a dynamic role in both series. Right? Well, actually, TV Line previously reported that the scheduling between the two dramas actually enabled Thieriot to star in both. As such, it was confirmed that the Clay actor will once again return to star in SEAL Team.

David Boreanaz Set to Direct An Episode In Season 6

Season six of SEAL Team promises to be exciting for multiple reasons. Most importantly, it provides us with answers to the massive cliffhanger producers left us with during the season five finale. However, on top of that SEAL Team star Jason Boreanaz also recently revealed that he will be directing an episode of the hit series later in season six.

Per a recent post on his Instagram stories, the episode Boreanaz plans to direct is entitled, “Phantom Pattern.”