‘SEAL Team’: When Can Fans Expect a Paramount Plus Trailer for Season 6?

by Megan Molseed

As SEAL Team’s most recent season hit the airwaves last season, the popular series was enjoying a new home on the hit streaming service, Paramount +. Now, fans are eager to get a glimpse of what we can expect going forward, as the popular series preps for a new season. First, it’s always fun to get a sneak peek of what we can expect from the SEAL Team players. But, second, the release of a trailer often means that the premiere is just around the corner!

So, how likely are we to see a sneak peek of the upcoming sixth season of SEAL Team anytime soon. Well, according to Matt & Jess, we could still be waiting a little while.

The Sixth Season Of SEAL Team Is In The Works, But Still No Word On When It Will Return To Paramount +

So far, it seems that filming for the sixth season of the popular procedural drama series has only just begun. So, chances are, there won’t be enough footage to put together a satisfying trailer for some time.

Furthermore, even once there is plenty of footage to give fans a glimpse of what is coming, producers and Paramount + will likely hold onto the info until we are closer to the premiere. After all, the fifth season of SEAL Team shocked fans with an explosive ending. Leaving fans to wonder who has survived the potentially very deadly blast. Surely, some clues as to who we can expect to come out of the finale alive will be given away in any sneak peek that would be released.

AJ Buckley Shares An Epic Moment From Season 5

As SEAL Team’s fifth season was premiering on Paramount +, one of the stars of the popular series was ready to show an awesome stunt he got to perform in one installment. In a March Instagram post, AJ Buckley shares an exciting moment from the show’s fifth season as he chases the bad guys on top of a moving train.

In the Instagram post, AJ Buckley shares a moment from the episode Frogs on the Tracks as he is running on top of the moving train, gun in hand; one of the coolest things he’s “gotten to do” while filming, the star says.

“Running on top of a moving train was by far one of the coolest things I’ve gotten to do on  @sealteam_pplus!” AJ Buckley says in the March 3 Instagram post. Thankfully, the actor seems to be taking safety precautions seriously. It looks as if Buckley has some sort of a harness or rope attached – just in case of a fall.

“Of course @chaserivera8 made me look like a badass,” the SEAL Team star adds. “Can’t wait to get back and start Season 6!!!!!” Chase Rivera is Buckley’s stunt double on SEAL Team. So, the two must have worked hard on this spectacular scene together.