Sylvester Stallone Says Filming ‘Tulsa King’ in Oklahoma Has Prepared Him for a ‘Lifetime in Hell’

by Suzanne Halliburton

Somebody forgot to tell Sylvester Stallone, the new star of Tulsa King, that the “Paris of the Southwest” gets mighty hot in the summertime, especially during a historic heat wave.

Stallone was trading social media replies with comedian and actor Andrew Dice Clay when he let it slip about what he’d observed about the Oklahoma weather.

First, let’s set it all up. Stallone posted a black and white video clip of himself walking in front of a screen. It looked like he was doing a promo for Tulsa King, his new drama for Paramount+.

Stallone captioned the Instagram clip: “YA GOTTA WALK THE WALK. And he tagged Tulsa King and his new network. There wasn’t a word about what he thought about one of the garden spots of the Sooner State.

Tulsa King Star Dropped the Hell Insult Replying to Andrew Dice Clay

Then Stallone’s buddy Andrew Dice Clay wrote a reply. “Can Tell it’s Gonna Be Great !!!” Stallone answered: “Thank you my friend. Hope you’re still killing it. I’ll still be out here until August 20. Being in Oklahoma has definitely prepared me for a lifetime in hell if I ever got sent there!”

Ouch, Oklahoma. Rocky doesn’t think much of your summertime weather. But truthfully, probably only Satan and his minions like being outside. The National Weather Service issued an excessive heat warning for the area, Wednesday, meaning temperatures likely will hit 106, with a heat index at 112. Sylvester Stallone can wear that nice suit to help with his Tulsa King swagger, so long as he’s in a studio with a powerful AC. But those scenes outside are going to be brutal.

Stallone has proclaimed his love for Tulsa. Four months ago, when he landed in Oklahoma to start filming Tulsa King, he called the area “Paris of the Southwest.” He said he liked it, “seriously.” That means he’s spent some quality time in Oklahoma, known as tornado season and then hell. Football season follows and no one will care about the heat anymore.

But working in hell pays well. Stallone is set to make $1 million per episode for Tulsa King. It’s the same deal Kevin Costner signed with Yellowstone. Stallone can only pray the new show will be as successful as Yellowstone. Taylor Sheridan created both shows.

Slyvester Stallone poses in downtown Tulsa for TULSA KING. (Brian Douglas/Paramount+)

New Series Debuts After Yellowstone, Nov. 13

Tulsa King debuts on November 13. Its first two episodes will be on Paramount, following Yellowstone. And Tulsa King is definitely a different twist on a familiar theme. Take a hardcore mobster and drop him in an area not known for family kind of criminal gangs. Then layer on some Western themes.

Stallone plays Dwight Manfredi, a capo, or middle management, who took the fall for someone in the Invernizzi family. He ended up in prison for 25 years. Instead of being rewarded when he was released, the mob exiled him to Tulsa to start his own crew.

“Dwight Manfredi has a dark side, but he’s also witty and a real tactician,” Stallone told TV Insider. “He was at the top of his game until he took the fall for someone else. During 25 years in prison, he goes through a revival and finds his philosophical side. Dwight has regrets and remorse, but it’s the only life he knows. Upon his release he returns to that life, expecting a reward, but instead has been exiled to Tulsa, almost as a punishment, to start a mob.”