Taylor Sheridan’s Paramount Plus Series ‘Tulsa King’ Starring Sylvester Stallone Casts A.C. Peterson

by Lauren Boisvert

The upcoming Sylvester Stallone-led Taylor Sheridan series “Tulsa King” has added a new star to its cast; A.C. Peterson joins the series, along with Max Casella, Domenick Lombardozzi, Vincent Piazza and Jay Will.

Peterson has an extensive resume of television and film roles reaching back to 1984. He mostly has credits as Alan C. Peterson; but, he’s had supporting parts in recent shows like “The X-Files,” “American Gods,” and “Superman & Lois.” He voiced Admiral Krill on the children’s series “Big Blue,” and is also known for the films “Narc,” “Shanghai Noon,” and “Shooter.”

Additionally, Taylor Sheridan is writing and executive producing “Tulsa King,” along with Terrence Winter, who assisted on “The Sopranos,” as showrunner. This is Stallone’s first time leading a television series; he looks exactly the part in a new look at his character, Dwight “The General” Manfredi. “Tulsa King” follows Manfredi, a New York mafia capo, as he’s released from prison. Subsequently, his boss sends him to Tulsa, OK. He realizes while there that maybe his former family doesn’t have his best interests in mind, and have possibly turned on him. From there, he creates his own family of unlikely characters in Tulsa, aiming to start his own criminal empire.

Peterson will play Pete “The Rock” Invernizzi, Chickie Invernizzi’s father. Domenick Lombardozzi plays Chickie, with Max Casella as Armand Truisi, and Vincent Piazza as Vince Antonacci.

A.C. Peterson Joins Cast, Plus Sylvester Stallone Explains ‘Tulsa King’

In an interview with Paramount+, Sylvester Stallone took the opportunity to talk a bit about “Tulsa King” and what it’s all about. “Tulsa King is a very interesting story,” Stallone began. “He’s a lifetime gangster. He took the fall for his bosses and went to prison for 25 years, kept his mouth shut, and now he comes out. Next thing you know, he’s in Tulsa. So, he has to now start a new life, create a gang, because they want him to be an earner, and that’s when the fun begins.”

According to Taylor Sheridan, he created the show in just two days. Right now, he has nine different series in the works, which include his heavy hitters “Yellowstone” and “Mayor of Kingstown.” Sheridan told Variety, “I was talking with a producer, and it’s COVID. Everyone’s kind of going stir-crazy. He was asking me about ideas. I said, ‘Look, all you need, in my opinion, to have an interesting TV show is take a really fascinating character and drop them in a world that we don’t know anything about.’”

It only took 48 hours for Sheridan to have a full idea of what he wanted to do, plus a script for a pilot. “I call [the producer] two days later,” Sheridan continued, “And said, ‘Hey, I wrote that thing we talked about.’”