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Three Must-Watch Movies to Catch on Paramount Plus in May

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by LMPC via Getty Images)

There are plenty of exciting shows and movies hitting our favorite streaming platforms this summer. But Paramount Plus is bringing us some must-sees this May, and we have three of those listed here for you.

Saving Private Ryan

Set amid WWII, “Saving Private Ryan” highlights the acts of heroism and sacrifice American soldiers made in the early 20th century in serving their country. The action drama centers around a group of U.S. soldiers as they go behind enemy lines in order to rescue a lone paratrooper.

“Saving Private Ryan” is one of the most popular films to premiere around the turn of the century. More than two decades later, it remains a fan favorite. The hit movie features some of Hollywood’s most iconic stars. Several include Tom Hanks as Captain Miller and Vin Diesel as Private Caparzo, with Matt Damon playing Private Ryan.

Overall, the historic war movie features a rather heavy plot, with equally heavy subplots. However, it’s perfect for those who enjoy American history and the intensity of American war films, not to mention a meaningful story. In addition, film icon Steven Spielberg won the Oscar for Best Director following its debut. So, if you’re looking for credibility, we’ve got you covered on that end too.

Mission Impossible

Tom Cruise fans will be excited to know that one of his most iconic franchises will be hitting Paramount Plus in just a few days. “Mission Impossible,” which made its premiere in 1996, follows Cruise as he plays Ethan Hunt. Simply put, Ethan Hunt, who has been framed for the murders of his entire IMF team, must uncover the mole who pinned the deaths on him.

However, that’s not all. Not only will May see Paramount Plus add “Mission Impossible” to its lineup. It will also begin streaming “Mission Impossible II” and “Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol.”

For Tom Cruise fans anxiously awaiting the theater debut of the iconic actor’s newest film, “Top Gun: Maverick,” viewers can at least catch up on another of his beloved franchises. “Top Gun: Maverick,” the sequel to the 1986 original “Top Gun,” drops on May 27th.

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

Our final highlight is John Ford’s cinematic classic, “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.”

Paramount Plus is not short on classic films to stream. However, two of Hollywood’s most iconic actors star in this Western drama.

John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart forerun “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance,” which navigates a handful of contrasting themes, including love, democracy, and outlaws. In essence, the story follows an idealistic lawyer who disagrees with the long-time sheriff’s methods for upholding the law while a dangerous outlaw haunts the town and its citizens.