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‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Coming to Paramount+ Soon: Here’s When

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by The Chosunilbo JNS/Imazins via Getty Images)

It’s been a red-hot minute since Top Gun: Maverick hit the movie screens starring Tom Cruise and some fans want to see it right now. There are some who actually did see the film in the theaters while others have been waiting to see it at home. Namely, they have been wondering when it would appear on the streaming platform Paramount+.

We do have some news about that very thing. Good news, Cruise fans. Top Gun: Maverick will debut on there on December 22. Man, that’s just in time for Christmas! So, if you want to see it, then you can get the streaming platform for a subscription. Because it is on a streaming platform, some people might wonder if it’ll be on Netflix or Hulu.

Ton Cruise Helped ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Costar Learn Valuable Life Lesson

The answer to that inquiry is no, it will not be on there anytime soon. Can you see the movie any other way right now? Decider reports that you can rent or buy the movie on Amazon, Vudu, iTunes, and other outlets. You might be able to get a full list of those places if you Google the movie and add “where available” to the search bar.

Meanwhile, Cruise happened to teach one costar a life lesson. Jay Ellis portrays Lt. Reuben “Payback” Fitch in Top Gun: Maverick. When he spoke to Fox News recently, he said Cruise really helped him and the other costars out. What did he do? Make them understand that the movie means something to audiences even before it hit the movie screens.

“Tom reminded us daily and really protected us and created this bubble for us to go and succeed,” Ellis said. “And then, we step into the press tour and we start to see the love and the recognition and people coming out of their homes and back into theaters.” While the movie has its legions of fans all over the world, it’s also piled up a number of People’s Choice Awards nominations, too.

The movie racked up a total of six award nominations. Cruise and Miles Teller are up for the Maile Movie Star of 2022 award. This is not a surprise to see that Cruise is in line to become Action Movie Star of 2022, too. Let’s add Movie of the Year for 2022 and Action Movie of the Year to the noms as well. Then pop in Lady Gaga and her outstanding song Hold My Hand. That’s up for Song of 2022. What a haul for a great movie that people still want to see again or for the first time. Well, get your free trial subscription to Paramount+ and get ready for it to premiere.