‘Tulsa King’ Drops New Behind-the-Scenes Video of Sylvester Stallone’s New Show: WATCH

by Megan Molseed

The upcoming Sylvester Stallone mafia series, Tulsa King, is giving fans a new behind-the-scenes look at the series, months ahead of the show’s expected fall premiere.

This new behind-the-scenes video showcases the show’s star, Sylvester Stallone as he films the Taylor Sheridan-led drama. This new series features the Rocky legend as a New York City mobster named Dwight “The General” Manfredi. Manfredi has recently been released from prison and is sent to Tulsa Oklahoma to set up a brand new crew. Take a look at the latest sneak peek here:

Fans Are Given A Deeper Look Into Sylvester Stallone’s Newest Project, Tulsa King

This new behind-the-scenes clip featuring clips from the upcoming Paramount+ series features new revelations about the upcoming series. This includes commentary from the show’s creators Taylor Sheridan and Terence Winter. According to Sheridan, Winter is offering a “fresh look” into the genre of mob-centered dramas. This is especially true as the new streaming series promises to blend the western-drama feel that Sheridan does so well as the NYC mobster enters the Tulsa area.

Stallone Plays Several Roles On Tulsa King, Taking On Behind-The-Scenes Duties As Well

Additionally, the Tulsa King showrunners note in the clip that the series star, Sylvester Stallone has had a major role in bringing the new series to fruition. Stallone contributed to the series serving as writer and director on top of his acting duties. Something Stallone is clearly proud of as he describes the series as being “soulful, insightful, and relatable.

The Paramount+ Series Is The Hollywood Icon’s First Run On TV

Tusla King is Sylvester Stallone’s first run on a TV drama series. It’s a unique move for the 76-year-old Rambo star, no doubt. However, this is certainly not the first time the longtime movie star stepped into a role exploring the mobster genre. However, it’s not a genre for which Stallone is easily recognized. Action has always been Stallone’s focus…which the star tells Sports Illustrated in a recent interview, has led to several surgeries.

According to Sylvester Stallone, he has undergone a jaw-dropping 31 surgeries during his acting career. And, the star adds, he’s not even sure that this is an accurate count. However, when discussing this, Stallone quickly compares his career on the big screen with that of being a professional wrestler.

“I love wrestling,” Sylvester Stallone tells the outlet. 

“I love the mythic quality. People go, ‘oh, it’s not real,'” he adds.

“I say, really? Gravity is real. Jumping off the top rope or having 300 pounds landing on you,” he adds. “That’s real.” The actor continues to note that this is how he views action films as well.

“They’ve been submerged in sort of a dismissive sort of genre,” the film star relates.

“Like, ‘Oh, it’s an action film.’ All I know is I’ve had maybe 31 operations due to action films,” Stallone adds. “So I consider it very real.”