‘Tulsa King’ Star Sylvester Stallone Reveals Taylor Sheridan Show Is the Hardest Work He’s Ever Done

by Joe Rutland

Sylvester Stallone is one of the hardest working actors out there but even he had to see his time on Tulsa King in a new light. Stallone plays Dwight “The General” Manfredi in the upcoming Paramount Plus series. Well, he recently wrapped up his work on Season 1 filming.

Stallone showed up with fellow cast members and production crew people. Apparently, in a video he shared on Instagram, this is from a wrap party. Once a TV show ends its work, people have a tendency to gather together. It is in this setting where we see Stallone, forever Rocky Balboa in people’s eyes, open up about the work. When you get Sly to call what he was doing some of the hardest work he’s ever done, then that’s something. Maybe that is a tip of the cap to Taylor Sheridan, who is the mastermind behind the show.

Sylvester Stallone of ‘Tulsa King’ Gets His ‘Gangster Shot’

As part of the caption for this video, Stallone wrote about this “very long ,difficult ,exciting, mind blowing production.” Stallone also would give a shoutout to the streaming platform and other people at Paramount. In the video, he said, “I never worked so hard in my life… and had so much fun, seriously.” Stallone would go on to call the filming work “extraordinary.” In true Stallone style, he said at the end, “Keep punching, love you guys!” The show will premiere on Paramount Plus on November 13.

Recently, Stallone talks about getting his “gangster shot.” Look, the dude has been different characters throughout his career in show business. Besides Rocky, you have Rambo. Stallone has appeared in other movies beyond his franchise roles. Still, playing a gangster is definitely a different turn of the acting world for him. Even without seeing a final result yet on the TV screen, it’s going to be interesting to see him play Dwight in Tulsa King. Let us note that Sherdian creates that character specifically for Stallone. Nobody else, so there you go.

Before this, though, Stallone talked with Empire about trying to get a role as an extra in the movie version of The Godfather. “I went to Paramount and said, ‘Can I be an extra in the wedding scene?’ They said, ‘Yeah, we don’t know if you’re the type of guy.’ I go, ‘I’m not the type? To play in the background, hiding behind a f—ing wedding cake?'” he said. Then he added, “Finally I get my gangster shot 50 years later, and that’s perfect. Everything comes to those who wait.” Indeed. For the legendary actor, he gets to fulfill one role he probably was desiring to get for a long, long time.