‘Tulsa King’: Sylvester Stallone Drops Behind the Scenes Video From Set of Taylor Sheridan’s Upcoming Show

by Joe Rutland

Sylvester Stallone is letting the world know about the status of his show Tulsa King that’s being put together by Taylor Sheridan. The show, which is scheduled to be appearing on Paramount+, is busy filming right now. Stallone, who has been on many movie sets throughout his entire career, shared a little bit of his view.

He even lets us all see a new, close friend of his that’s gotten a little classic movie connection. At least from the standpoint of Stallone wanting to meet an OG movie character. Here, let’s take a look and see what Stallone is sharing from Oklahoma. Oh yeah, after the first video, he also gives us a little sneak peek at one scene from Tulsa King.

Sylvester Stallone of ‘Tulsa King’ Gives Sheridan Thumbs Up After One Day

If you haven’t heard about the show, then here’s a synopsis from IMDb. Tulsa King follows an Italian mobster, played by Stallone, who has the startling task of re-establishing his Italian mafia family. Stallone plays Dwight “The General” Manfredi on the show. Garrett Hedlund, Andrea Savage, and McKenna Quigley Harrington also star.

By the way, Tulsa King has a premiere date already lined up. Yep, it’ll pop up on Paramount+ on Sunday, Nov. 13. Another Sheridan show, Yellowstone, also starts up its fifth season on the same day. You can catch that premiere on Paramount Network. Ahead of accepting the role, Sheridan happened to get a reaction from Stallone after reading the script. In an interview with Variety, Sheridan said he called Stallone to talk about Tulsa King. Sheridan adds that Stallone was open to playing a new character and he got a thumbs up from Stallone in one day. Stallone gave that reaction the day after reading the script.

Actor Offered Sneak Peek Into New TV Show Back In February

Back in February, Stallone offered a little look ahead at the new show he’s starring in on TV. “Tulsa King is a very interesting story,” he says. “He’s a lifetime gangster. He took the fall for his bosses and went to prison for 25 years, kept his mouth shut, and now he comes out. Next thing you know, he’s in Tulsa. So, he has to now start a new life, create a gang, because they want him to be an earner, and that’s when the fun begins.” This happens to be the first TV series that Stallone has ever starred in throughout his illustrious career. It’s quite a different landscape for the actor but he’s never shied away from a new challenge. With Sheridan at the helm, though, Tulsa King looks like a future hit.