‘Tulsa King’: Sylvester Stallone Drops Photo From Set of New Taylor Sheridan Series

by Shelby Scott

While Taylor Sheridan has tons of projects in the works right now, including filming for the fifth season of his hit neo-Western drama “Yellowstone,” we’re also looking forward to the premiere of his all-new series, “Tulsa King.” And although both series’ premiere date isn’t until November 13th, “Tulsa King” star Sylvester Stallone is providing us with a little update, sharing a photo from the set of the new series. Check it out.

“Tulsa King coming your way!” the veteran actor wrote. “November.”

The photo itself features Sylvester Stallone on a quick break from filming, with a seatbelt strapped across his chest and what appears to be a greenscreen outside of the vehicle’s back window. Fans took to the comments beneath the “Tulsa King” star’s post to share their excitement.

“So excited to see that filming is going well,” one follower wrote. “CAN’T WAIT for all the projects you got coming up.”

Another said, “Congrats on [the] series. Going to be great.”

There’s no doubt about that, given almost anything starring Sylvester Stallone is already set to be a surefire hit. But let’s take a look at what the all-new Paramount Plus show’s about.

‘Tulsa King’ Sees Sylvester Stallone as a ‘Lifetime Gangster’

Ahead of the announcement regarding “Tulsa King’s” premiere date, the series’ star shared a little about what we can expect from one of Taylor Sheridan’s newest projects.

“The ‘Tulsa King’ is a very interesting story,” Stallone previously said. “He’s a lifetime gangster, [and] he took the fall for his bosses and went to prison for 25 years. Kept his mouth shut and now he comes out.”

From there, the longtime actor continued, “Next thing you know, he’s in Tulsa. So he has to now start a new life. Create a gang, because they want him to be an earner. And that’s when the fun begins.”

For decades, fans of the Hollywood icon have watched Sylvester Stallone adopt all kinds of tough-guy roles, from Rocky Balboa in the mid-1970s to Barney Ross in “The Expendables.” Fortunately for us, however, AV Club shared more insight behind Stallone’s character.

As per the outlet, Sylvester Stallone is set to play Dwight Manfredi, a New York mafia who was “unceremoniously” exiled by his boss, and, as we know, landed him in prison. Upon his release, Manfredi realizes his boss does not have his best interests in mind, which sends him to Tulsa where he endeavors to build a new criminal empire.

Oftentimes, we’re used to seeing Sylvester Stallone play the good guy, the hero. And while, given his role on the show, he’ll still be the protagonist of the series, it’ll be fun to watch the longtime actor take on the role of a full-scale criminal.