’Tulsa King’s Sylvester Stallone Opens Up About Finally Getting His ‘Gangster Shot’

by Alex Falls

Iconic actor Sylvester Stallone has been in the headlines a lot as of late. Most recently due to the high-profile divorce from his wife of 25 years Jennifer Flavin. But the Rocky actor can’t stay down for long as he also just wrapped up production on his upcoming TV show Tulsa King.

The new show from Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan revolves around Stallone’s character Dwight Manfredi. A recently released mafia capo who served 25 years in prison. When he reenters the world, his boss sends him off to Oklahoma to set up criminal operations in Middle America. The show was co-created by gangster TV veteran Terrence Winter who spearheaded shows such as The Sopranos and Boardwalk Empire.

Tulsa King marks several firsts in Stallone’s long and illustrious career. It’s his first starring role in a TV series for starters. But it’s also his first chance to play a gangster. Something Stallone has been waiting for his entire career.

The actor spoke to Empire this week and reflected on a chance he took early in his career to get a background role in the seminal gangster film, The Godfather. He was still a relative no-name actor at the time, but he only wanted a part as a wedding guest in the iconic opening scene of the classic film.

“I went to Paramount and said, ‘Can I be an extra in the wedding scene?’ They said, ‘Yeah, we don’t know if you’re the type of guy.’ I go, ‘I’m not the type? To play in the background, hiding behind a f—ing wedding cake?'” Stallone said.

Sylvester Stallone Finally Gets His Gangster Role

Now all of these years later after a career full of memorable characters, Stallone is finally getting the chance to scratch the itch of playing a full-blown gangster.

“Finally I get my gangster shot 50 years later, and that’s perfect,” Stallone said. “Everything comes to those who wait.”

Stallone also described the show as the perfect blend of Sheridan’s trademark take on the Western and Winter’s signature gangster style. He said when Sheridan approached him about the show, he basically made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

“He said, ‘I want to do a show about a gangster going west.’ He’s very hung up on the Western, but how does it manifest itself across the country?” Stallone said. “Okay, take a gangster and put them right next to a cactus, and let the fun begin.”

Stallone has been hyping the project for quite some time as he’s clearly excited for his fans to see the show for themselves. Recently, he posted a special behind-the-scenes look on Instagram.

“My character is Dwight, The General,” Stallone explains in the clip. “He’s a lifetime gangster. He took the fall for his bosses and went to prison for 25 years. Kept his mouth shut, and now he comes out, and he’s given some obscure assignment to go to Tulsa and start a mob. And that’s when the fun begins.”