Will ‘Criminal Minds’ Revival Prove This Disturbing Reid Theory?

by Tia Bailey

“Criminal Minds” fans are more than ready for the revival season to premiere on Paramount Plus. A disturbing theory from one of the later seasons of the show could set up the reboot.

Variety reported the news of the revival season back in July, and fans couldn’t be more excited. Nicole Clemens, president of Paramount+ Original Scripted Series, gave a statement about the news.

“For 15 seasons, ‘Criminal Minds’ was at the forefront of cutting-edge scripted drama as it explored the psychology behind crime – thrillingly,” Clemens said. “The series never stopped evolving during its run, and we are beyond excited to bring it back into a new era with new stories for a new generation of viewers at Paramount+. Erica, the whole cast and creative team are building a season full of new twists that we are sure will electrify audiences.”

Since the news broke, the returning cast has been open about the filming process and sharing updates, showing that they are just as excited about the reboot as fans are.

Screen Rant recently shared a dark theory that could be set up in the reboot season. Matthew Gray Gubler, who portrayed fan-favorite character Spencer Reid in the show, is not among the returning cast. The disturbing theory behind this is that Reid himself has become an UnSub. While this may seem shocking and unlikely, the publication took us back to season 12, where the character displayed disturbing behavior.

Reid was framed for murder by a former UnSub, and thus was put in jail. During his time there, he decided to poison a group of inmates. The inmates he tried to kill were smuggling drugs inside the jail, and although they didn’t die, Screen Rant points out that the intention was there.

Spencer Reid’s Absence From “Criminal Minds” Reboot Could Have Darker Meaning

Reid, like most characters, was widely loved by fans. However, the theory does make sense. Reid is an actual genius, and he has gone through a lot both in his past and throughout the duration of the show.

Reid turning into an UnSub would be extremely surprising, but would also make sense.

However, Paget Brewster, who portrays Emily Prentiss in “Criminal Minds,” shared the actual reason Matthew Gray Gubler isn’t returning. She spoke to Looper, saying: ““Matthew was the only person in the last two seasons that had been in every single episode. He did 15 years straight through. From 25 to 40, the guy was on one show, and that’s when we shot 22, 24 episodes a year. He was never able to go do other stuff, so I understand.”

She added: “He wants to direct. He graduated from NYU to direct, and his first audition was Criminal Minds.”