PETA Demands Investigation Into HBO’s ‘Gilded Age’ After Horse Died of Natural Causes

by Samantha Whidden

Following the news that a horse died on the set of HBO’s TV drama series “The Gilded Age,” PETA announced it is demanding an investigation to determine what caused the horse’s death. 

PETA revealed on its website that multiple whistleblowers said a horse died after suffering from head trauma. The 23-year-old horse also had pre-existing conditions. The complaint also claims that the horse was “severely frothing” at the mouth. All of this was happening while on the set of “The Gilded Age.” 

HBO has confirmed reports about the horse’s death to multiple media outlets. The TV network said that the horse “collapsed and died, likely of natural causes.” PETA states that reason leaves more questions and answers about the horse’s state at the time of its death. “Apparently, HBO’s standards for animals used in productions are as backward as its period dramas,” PETA explained. “Horses have died on an HBO set before. A decade ago, the network tried—and failed—to sweep the deaths of three horses on the set of the series ‘Luck’ under the rug.”

PETA reported whistleblowers claimed one of the horses on the set of “Luck” were given a “cocktail of potent drugs.” Another horse was 8 years old and arthritic.

“After PETA catapulted news of the deaths of the horses into the public eye and pressed law-enforcement officials to launch an investigation, the network canceled the series.”

Although it won against HBO when it came to the “Luck” set situation, PETA stated the network obviously didn’t learn its lesson.

PETA Addresses HBO Executive About the Death of the Horse on ‘The Gilded Age’ Set 

In the letter addressed to HBO executive Casey Bloys, PETA states that it wants an investigation done into the horse’s death on the set of “The Gilded Age.’”

“PETA has heard from multiple whistleblowers alleging that a horse died last week during the filming of yet another HBO production,” the organization wrote. “Reportedly, the horse was 23 years old, had possible pre-existing health conditions, and the death was due to head trauma.”

PETA is calling on HBO to confirm the horse’s death and an immediate internal investigation into the incident. The organization also wants the part or parties who allowed the incident to occur held responsible. “Finally, we’re asking you to take measures sot act something similar never happens again.” 

The organization also stated that the pattern of alleged animal abuse on the HBO sets cannot continue. “We’re demanding that HBO launch an investigation into the death of the horse and stop using horses in its productions.”

PETA describes horses as being sensitive animals that can be startled easily. “They must be gradually accustomed to the changing conditions on a set. They should not be used in film or television productions at all.”