PHOTO: Michael Douglas’ First Look as Benjamin Franklin in New Apple TV+ Series Revealed

by Samantha Whidden

Ready to reveal its latest project, streaming service Apple TV+ has released a new image of Michael Douglas as one of the United States’ founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin, for the upcoming series, “Franklin.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, Michael Douglas’ “Franklin” is an eight-episode drama that will explore how Franklin convinced the French monarchy to underwrite America’s democracy. The series, IMDb also reveals, “Explore the story of one of the greatest gambles of Franklin’s career. At age 70, outmaneuvered British spies and French informers all while engineering the Franco-American alliance of 1778.”

Entertainment Weekly further reveals that Michael Douglas’ “Franklin” is written and executive produced by Kirk Ellis. It is directed by Tim Van Patten. Douglas is also an executive producer alongside Patten, Richard Plepler, and Tony Krantz. 

While sharing details about the series, Krantz told the media outlet, “When Richard Plepler, Tim Van Patten, and I started talking about possible actors to play Franklin, there was really only one: Michael Douglas. We got lucky, it was like winning the lottery — he said yes. Now Michael’s become the role, transforming his physicality, voice, cadence. And his humor is so much fun … I think people will see one of Michael Douglas’ greatest performances ever in this project.”

Along with Michael Douglas, others starring in “Franklin” are Noah Jupe, Ludivine Sagnier, Thibault de Montalembert, Daniel Mays, and Assaad Bouab. Apple TV+ has not announced a premiere date for the series yet. 

Michael Douglas Reveals What Inspired Him to Start Acting 

During a 2021 interview with AARP, Michael Douglas opened up about what inspired him to start acting. He recalled attending the University of California at Santa Barbara. 

“It was a specular time to be out in California,” Michael Douglas reflected. “I ended up getting a motorcycle and riding in my velour Renaissance shirts up to San Francisco for rock concerts. Then I got called into the vice chancellor’s office: ‘You’ve got to declare a major, man.’ So I thought Ok… theater.”

When Michael talked to his father, acting icon Kirk Douglas, about his decision, he said his father wasn’t 100% supportive of his acting aspirations. “And he told right in the beginning, ‘Son, you were awful. You were just awful.’”

Although his acting career definitely worked out for him, Douglas said he had some fears at the beginning. “I had terrible storage fright,” Douglas admitted. “I don’t why I did not give it up, but I just ground away for about a year and started to get better.”

In regards to what is the most important lesson his father taught him through the years, Douglas added, “Whatever you do, make sure you give your best effort and try as hard as you can. And after that, f— it.”