‘Road House’ Movie Reboot with Jake Gyllenhaal in the Works

by Caitlin Berard

In 1989, the action film Road House hit theaters, starring Patrick Swayze as a bouncer at a roadside bar in Missouri. In the film, Swayze’s character, James Dalton, protects the town from the corrupt businessman bent on ruining its small-town charm. The film was an instant success, garnering more than $60 million in the box office and becoming a classic of cinema.

Now, the film is set to be released once again, this time with Jake Gyllenhaal as the iconic “cooler” with a mysterious past. The reboot of the beloved action movie is set to go into production this month. At release, it will be available for streaming on Prime Video in more than 240 countries.

In the reimagined take on Road House, Jake Gyllenhaal is a former UFC fighter who takes a job as a bouncer at a seedy roadhouse in the Florida Keys. And soon after accepting the job, he learns that there’s more to the tropical oasis than meets the eye.

Seldom few details have been released about the coming reboot. However, we do know that it will feature a star-studded cast. In addition to Jake Gyllenhaal, Road House will star Billy Magnussen, Daniela Melchior, Gbemisola Ikumelo, Lukas Gage, Hannah Love Lanier, Travis Van Winkle, B.K. Cannon, Arturo Castro, Dominique Columbus, Beau Knapp and Bob Menery.

‘Road House’ Crew Members Express Excitement for Reboot

As of now, the reboot is still in the pre-production phase. However, the crew of Road House couldn’t be more excited for the film. “Road House is a home run for us,” gushed Amazon Studios chief Jennifer Salke in a statement. “Not only is it a nod to fans of the original, but it’s also a big, fun, broad audience movie.”

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Joel, Doug, and this great cast led by Jake Gyllenhaal,” she continued. “And for them to come together to reimagine the classic MGM film as an action-packed adventure for our global audience.”

Director Doug Liman is overjoyed by the opportunity as well. “I’m thrilled to put my own spin on the beloved Road House legacy,” he said. “And I can’t wait to show audiences what Jake and I are going to do with this iconic role.”

“The original Road House has a special place in my heart,” added producer Joel Silver. “And I am so excited to bring this newly imagined version to audiences around the world. Doug and I have each made some big, boisterous action movies. And [we’re] ready to bring everything we have to this one.”

For those unaware, Joel Silver is a particularly exciting addition to the crew, as he was the producer on the original 1989 film as well. The award-winning producer is also behind some truly impressive films and franchises. The original Matrix trilogy, Die Hard, V for Vendetta, and the Lethal Weapon films are just a few of the mind-blowing examples on his resume.