Ron Howard Set To Produce Upcoming HBO Max Comedy Pilot

by Megan Molseed

Ron Howard is no doubt one of the most influential people in Hollywood. And now the prolific actor, director, writer, and producer is set to executive produce an upcoming HBO Max television comedy pilot. This upcoming series is titled Wild Life. The series is the brainchild of writers Jason Ubaldi, Chris Peterson, and Bryan Moore.

Following a group of high school teens as they struggle with personal issues Wild Life features a unique additional premise. The teens spend their days in school working in an alternative educational program; taking care of animals at a local rescue.

The series is set to star Izabella Alvarez. Alvarez is a longtime actress who most recently guest-starred in the wildly popular and gritty HBO series Euphoria. In this series, Alvarez portrays Marta the actress portraying Maddy in an on-screen play.

Ron Howard’s Upcoming HBO Max Series Isn’t The Only Streaming Project The Star Has In The Works

Ron Howard’s upcoming film Thirteen Lives is based on a terrifying true story; following a group of footballers who are fighting for their lives. The film will be available for audience streaming on Amazon Prime later this summer. The film will be available on the platform following a limited theatrical release in August.

The classic television star directs the upcoming film which follows the harrowing tale of the 2018 soccer team. The team finds themselves trapped in a cave. The team had been touring the cave in Thailand when rising floodwaters trapped the group, giving them little hope of survival. The rescue efforts became so intense that the National Guard and Navy Seals helped to free the trapped athletes and their coach.

‘Thirteen Lives’ Brings Audiences An “Inspirational Story of Hope”

Thirteen Lives was originally set to be released in November of this year. However, this date changed as Amazon Prime sealed an $8.5 billion deal with MGM early this spring. And, Amazon reps are looking forward to seeing the inspirational film inspire movie-goers all over the world.

“When we saw Thirteen Lives, we got incredibly excited about what this could be on a global premiere,” notes Amazon Studios Head Jennifer Salke according to a Variety report.

“It feels like the ultimate inspirational story of hope,” Salke adds. “Determination and triumph.”

The Amazon exec adds that she sees Thirteen Lives premiering to plenty of success. After all, the streaming network has used this approach very successfully in the past.

 “We know what that resonance can look like and feel like,” Salke says of the upcoming Ron Howard biopic flick.

“Not only for us,” the Amazon executive adds. “But for the talent and for everyone involved.”

And, Salke notes, this is what makes it feel “like the perfect movie for that kind of strategy.”