Ryan Reynolds Speaks Out About Disney’s R-Rated Controversy

by Samantha Whidden

Following the release of “Deadpool” And “Deadpool 2” on Disney+, Ryan Reynolds shares his thoughts about rated R films being put on the family-oriented streaming service platform

“We’re supposed to announce Logan and Deadpool will soon be the first R-rated movies on Disney+,” Ryan Reynolds wrote on his social media accounts on Thursday (July 21st). “ But we all know some Disney movies should already be rated R for irreversible trauma.”

In the posts on Twitter and Instagram, Ryan Reynolds shared rated R rating warnings for each classic Disney movie. “Restricted [for] breaking and entering, borderline polyandry. Pretty sure those diamonds aren’t cruelty-free,” one warning declared. Another one stated, “Restrict [for] total ugly-cry inducing straight-up murder of Old yeller. Also, bear abuse.”

Ryan Reynolds then posted a restriction warning with the description “Fratricide. Mauling. Very possibly half-sibling lovin’ or at least kissing’ cousins seriously.” And the last restricted warning read, “Cold-blooded killing of an innocent deer mom that will cause lifelong trauma.”

Ryan Reynolds’ take on rated R films being on the streaming service comes after the streaming service was hit with some backlash by parents trying to prevent their children from seeing restricted content.

According to What’s On Disney Plus, the Parent Television and Media Council (PTC) spoke out against the streaming service’s decision to allow rated R film’s on the streaming platform. The organization recalled the Walt Disney Company stated restricted films would remain off the platform. PTC President, Tim Winter, declared, “Three years ago, the Walt Disney Company made a promise to families. No R-rated movies on Disney+, they said. It’s a family-focused platform, they said. It turns out they were lying to us.”

Here is How to Turn on Parental Controls For Disney+

After Disney+ launched the first set of R-rated films on its streaming service, Variety released details on how users may activate parental controls in order to avoid the younger crowd from watching the more mature content. 

Parents may set up a kid’s profile by opening the Disney+ account, and selecting “Add Profile”. They will then be able to select a character icon and enter a Profile name. Toggle the “Kids Profile” setting to “On” and then select “Save.”

Disney+ also offers an option for “Kid-Proof Exit,” which prevents a Kid’s profile user from using other account user profiles without completing a simple exit challenge. This can show them four numbers spelled out and ask them to enter the numerals. 

Along with the Kids profiles, users may also adjust profile content ratings under “Parental Controls”. Through this option, users can select the highest level of content rating for that profile from among nine options (TV-Y; TV-Y7; TV-Y7-FV; G, G-TV; PG-TV, PG; PG-13; TV-14; R; and TV-MA).