Sling TV Raises Prices on Monthly Streaming Plans

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Streaming service Sling TV will be raising costs for its monthly plans by $5 and both of its packages will be worth $40 a month. This updated pricing situation goes into effect right now for new subscribers. But it will apply to current existing customers on their next bill. That will be either on or after December 3. Now, Sling Orange subscribers, who get ESPN, will pay $40 per month. The same thing happens for Sling Blue subscribers, who get Fox and NBC channels among their offerings. If a subscriber mixes the Sling Orange & Blue bundle, then that will be worth $55 per month. Sling TV is associated with Dish Network.

“Raising prices for our customers is not something we take lightly,” Gary Schanman, Sling TV group president, wrote in a blog post, Variety reports. “We recognize that historically high inflation is impacting our customers every day and our goal is not to be another burden to your wallet.”

Sling TV Will Reportedly Add More Channels To Platform

Schanman said, “However, Sling doesn’t own the networks you watch — we pay programmers for their channels, and the price of programming continues to rise. We’re deeply committed to keeping costs low and continually work with programmers to provide service you can rely on, which is why we haven’t raised prices in nearly two years, maintaining a generous cost advantage compared to our competitors.”

Sling TV reportedly will be adding more than 150 new channels through 2023. Additional updates, according to Schanman, include providing new user profiles for multiple members of a household and an auto binge-watching feature.

Looking at the data available, Sling TV ended the third quarter with 2.411 million subscribers, up 214,000 from 2.197 million in Q2. But that number is still down 145,000 from 2.556 million for Q3 2021. For Q3, Sling’s growth did boost Dish’s overall pay-TV subs by a sequential net gain of 30,000 to 10.018 million. The satellite side of the house lost 183,000 customers to end the quarter at 7.61 million Dish TV subscribers.

A streaming service like Sling TV offers its subscribers multiple options when it comes to programming. Movie channels and even sports programming will dot the different packages that are available. Popular channels will find a home among the many Sling TV offerings. Back in September, the streaming platform lost one of its most popular networks in the Game Show Network. The situation grew worse when there was a dispute between Dish, Sling TV, and GSN. So, Game Show Network blamed Dish and Sling TV for it being dropped. Dish said GSN did an “about-face” and it caused a possible contract agreement to evaporate.