This Badass Clint Eastwood Movie is Absolutely Dominating HBO Max

by Joe Rutland

Clint Eastwood is one of the most dynamic actors and directors in the world of movies and one of his flicks is hot right now. While it might e good for him if it’s one of his present projects, we get to turn the clock back and look at this movie. Eastwood directed American Sniper. It is pretty hot these days on the streaming platform HBO Max. According to We Got This Covered, this movie starring Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller reached the No. 1 spot on the HBO Top 10 list. That is as of August 30.

Eastwood’s American Sniper hit number one on the HBO Top 10 on August 30th and has remained in the top five in the following days. Cooper would play Chris Kyle, who was a NAVY Seal. The movie is based on Kyle’s memoir about his times in the battlefield and other moments. While his story is good, there are some people who are into the movie’s storyline. American Sniper reportedly would become one of Eastwood’s most successful movies.

Clint Eastwood Movie Did Snag One Oscar

The film looked closely at Kyle suffering from PTSD. Still, there were some people who reportedly were not happy with the portrayal of the Iraq War. Some felt the Eastwood-directed flick just put that whole war into a black-and-white view. Sadly, Kyle would be murdered in 2013. There has been some legal wrangling involved with the Kyle estate. Former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura would win a defamation case against Kyle.

Kyle had claimed that, in his memoir, a soldier he punched out was Ventura, who also is a former NAVY Seal. Other people have come along over the years to dispute what is in that book about life in the war zone. Kyle’s additional stories have been brought up for discussion and investigation, too. While there is some hubbub over the Kyle book, there are some serious facts to note. Kyle was awarded a silver star for gallantry and four bronze stars in his military career.

In other Eastwood news, Taylor Sheridan recently spoke about some of his influences in his career. Of course, you all know him as the sage behind Yellowstone, starring Kevin Costner. In talking with Variety, Sheridan mentioned authors like Cormac McCarthy and Toni Morrison, among many others. What movie, though, from the Eastwood collection stood out to him? “And in terms of the movies that influenced me, it was watching Unforgiven when I was in my late teens or very early 20s,” Sheridan said. “The same with Dances With Wolves, where you’re looking at the Western genre through a whole new lens that had never been explored before.”