Tim Allen’s ‘The Santa Clauses’ Casts ‘NCIS’ Star to Play a Christmas Witch

by Shelby Scott

In addition to his role as Tim “The Toolman” Taylor, Tim Allen saw much success with his comedic holiday film franchise, The Santa Clause. Now, in the process of making The Santa Clauses, the Tim Allen film cast a beloved NCIS star to play a Christmas Witch. And you’re never going to believe who it is.

According to Deadline, Tim Allen’s newest project has cast Dr. Grace Confalone actress Laura San Giacomo into the role of one of the film’s newest characters, a Christmas witch. NCIS fans first met Dr. Grace when she met Mark Harmon‘s beloved character back in the CBS series 13th season. Since then she’s remained a beloved, though only recurring, character within the fictional universe.

As to her upcoming role, the outlet states the Dr. Gace Confalone actress’s new character gains her roots in Italian folklore. Per the synopsis, she delivers treats to good children “on the morning of the epiphany.” Within the film, viewers will find Laura San Giacomo’s character living in the wilderness of the North Pole’s Wobbly Woods.

San Giacomo’s role in The Santa Clauses also reunites her with former coworker Jack Burditt. Burditt is set to serve as the Tim Allen project’s executive producer and showrunner. San Giacomo and Burditt originally worked together in the late ’90s TV series, Just Shoot Me!

Where Does Tim Allen’s Newest ‘Santa Clause’ Movie Take Him?

Tim Allen first adopted the role of The Santa Clause‘s Scott Calvin in 1994. Since then, we’ve seen the character grow tremendously. This time though, after enduring near disaster time and again, Scott hopes to find a suitable replacement Santa. Per the outlet, Calvin’s reaching his mid-60s and hopes to give his family a life away from the North Pole.

In addition to Jack Burditt, Tim Allen and Last Man Standing‘s Kevin Hench will also serve as executive producers. The team will further consist of Richard Baker and Rick Messina. That doesn’t include the addition of Jason Winer and Jon Radler of Small Dog Picture.

Alongside his work on the newest installment of The Santa Clause, Tim Allen has also launched a new project on the History Channel called More Power. After premiering on the network at the end of June, Tim Allen’s new series saw immediate praise.

For fans of Last Man Standing and Home Improvement, More Power sees Allen reunite with his beloved costar Richard Karn. The brief series is different compared to other maker-centric series. Tim Allen and his costars take viewers through the history of tools, while also demonstrating some of their own creativity.

In speaking about the project, Tim Allen credited Richard Karn with its completion. He stated, “If it weren’t for Richard, we’d never finish anything.”