‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Sets Sights on One More Record Before Heading to Streaming

by Sean Griffin

Ever since Top Gun: Maverick premiered in theaters on May 27th, it has delighted audiences and critics alike. The Top Gun sequel released last month shows no signs of slowing down.

“It’s rare to get the special kind of alchemy that creates a true event film,” Paramount CEO Brian Robbins said in a release. “We have been absolutely blown away by the global response to Top Gun: Maverick.

Captivated audiences are returning to theaters to see the film. Paramount claims that a whopping 16 percent of the movie’s audiences have been repeat viewers. This past weekend, Top Gun: Maverick reached the billion-dollar mark. It is now officially the most successful film of Tom Cruise’s illustrious career. While the film technically lost by just $1 million to biopic Elvis this weekend, expect the film to continue shattering records. As of this writing, the movie is currently the fifteenth highest-grossing of all-time, and Maverick will have plenty of time to continue rising up the leaderboard. Audiences across all generations seem to adore this one-of-a-kind sequel.

Top Gun: Maverick could potentially play in theaters longer than most films nowadays. Paul Dergarabedian, who works as a senior media analyst, speaks to the lasting potential of the movie.

“The first Top Gun played for almost a year in theaters. That was obviously a much different time, when films opened in many fewer theaters and weren’t dealing with streaming and the different dynamics of the modern movie marketplace. But I think that, clearly, this is a movie that’s going to go against tradition by having the legs that movies enjoyed back in the ’80s.”

Because of the movie’s potential longevity with audiences, Paramount may allow it to run on an extended theatrical release. And there’s a chance it could break this record.

What Record Could ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Break?

Top Gun: Maverick is the highest-grossing film of the year and the second highest-grossing of the pandemic era, only behind Spider-Man: No Way Home. Top Gun: Maverick currently is the fourth highest-grossing movie ever released by Paramount. However, if it stays in theaters through the summer and into the fall, it will likely break a Paramount record.

Currently, Titanic is the most lucrative film ever released by Paramount. While it holds a steady lead over Top Gun: Maverick‘s international sales, the gap between the films’ domestic sales is tighter. In North America alone, Maverick has reeled in $525 million. Titanic‘s domestic sales equaled $625 million. With the rapid success of the Top Gun sequel, Paramount bumped its newer features from the IMAX slate for a return of Tom Cruise’s flick. The studio is giving all indications it intends on letting Top Gun: Maverick try to become the highest-grossing domestic release in Paramount’s history.

Regardless of whether it breaks that record, the film is clearly an overwhelming success. Top Gun: Maverick brings together audiences of all backgrounds at a divisive time in the country. Tom Cruise tweeted a thank you to fans for making it all possible.