‘Tulsa King’ Celebrates Sylvester Stallone’s 76th Birthday With Behind the Scenes Footage

by Chris Piner

For over the last four decades, actor, writer, and director Sylvester Stallone has done more than control the box office, he iconized characters like Rocky Balboa and John Rambo. Dominating the action genre, today, Stallone celebrated his 76th birthday with his upcoming show Tusla King for Paramount+. Before he broke into streaming, the actor directed films like Rocky and Rambo. He did more than direct as he also wrote and starred in them. Considered a triple threat in Hollywood, Stallone received a mountain of birthday wishes from fans, family, and even Tulsa King

Set to premiere later this year on November 13th, the show follows Dwight Manfredi, also known as “The General.” Being released from prison after 25 years, Stallone’s character travels to Tulsa, Oklahoma by his boss to establish a new criminal enterprise in the area. Written by Terence Winter, who was behind HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, the show gained interest with its trailer dropping recently. 

Tulsa King Tweets Birthday Wishes To Stallone

While celebrating his birthday, the Twitter account for Tulsa King shared a clip from behind the scenes of the new show, wishing him a happy birthday. Fans of the movie star were sure to fill the comment section with love and admiration for the man behind some of the most memorable underdogs like Lincoln Hawk in the 1987 film Over the Top

Some interesting facts about Sylvester Stallone. He doesn’t celebrate his birthday alone as rapper 50 Cent turned 47 today. The rapper has 14 Grammy nominations, winning one. Another actor to share the day with Stallone is comedian Kevin Hart. He turned 43 today as he continues to act, host, and share his jokes with the world. 

As for Stallone and his new role on Tulsa King, it will premiere following the highly popular Yellowstone. Although on Paramount+, only the first two episodes of Tulsa King will be available on release. Paramount+ has boosted its streaming service by offering shows like 1883, Yellowstone, and another new series 1883: The Bass Reeves Story

Sylvester Stallone Discusses Always Wanting To Be A Gangster

Just last month, Stallone discussed his new role, telling ET, “I’ve always wanted to play a gangster since… I basically started off my career mugging everyone… but it never happened. I have my thoughts on why but better late than never. Taylor Sheridan wrote an idea, a screenplay that was really good and Terence Winter, who wrote Sopranos and Boardwalk Empire, they put it all together and what you have is East meets West.”   

Being able to work with Terence Winter, Sylvester Stallone didn’t shy away from the possibility of working with Kevin Costner. He admitted the two have known each other “for centuries” and believed it to be a great opportunity if it were to arise.