WATCH: HBO Max Drops Trailer for New ‘Father of the Bride’ Starring Andy Garcia

by Caitlin Berard

A few days before Christmas, 1991, Father of the Bride hit theaters, a romantic comedy starring Steve Martin, unique in that it’s from the father’s perspective, not the bride’s. A remake of the 1950 film of the same name, Father of the Bride was an instant hit, garnering both critical and commercial success.

It’s been almost 30 years since the release of the first remake and a second is on the horizon. The third Father of the Bride will premiere on the streaming platform HBO Max next month (June 16). This time, Andy Garcia will star as the aggrieved father, and there’s an extra twist – the parents of the bride are on the verge of divorce. In addition, the bride is Cuban and the groom Mexican, making this the first Father of the Bride film to feature blended cultures.

In an interview with People, Andy Garcia, a Cuban-American himself, talked about how these cultures will come into play during the film. “It’s like anything else,” Garcia said. “Any cultural traditions that people grow up with, there are certain lines that you draw in the sand that you’re not willing to cross… And Billy in the movie has to learn to straddle that line – that’s part of the humor, and that’s part of his growth in the film.”

With the premiere just a month away, we finally have an official trailer, giving Father of the Bride fans an idea of what to expect from the upcoming film. The trailer opens with a voiceover from Andy Garcia’s character, Billy, the father of the bride. “Fathers play a big role in their daughter’s life,” he says. “It’s a special bond that only they share. Even when she’s all grown up, she is still daddy’s little girl.”

‘Father of the Bride’ Star Andy Garcia Praises Costar Gloria Estefan

Not only do Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefan play a married couple in the Father of the Bride HBO remake but they’re also longtime friends in real life. Because of this friendship, Andy Garcia knew that filming the movie would be nothing short of a great time.

“We all know Gloria’s talents and as a recording artist and as a composer and as a writer,” Garcia said. “She’s an extraordinary woman, but I knew her talents as an actress. And she obviously has been dipping her feet in the acting world for quite some time.”

“I was just looking forward to spending time with her and bringing our own personal relationship to the forefront,” the Father of the Bride star continued. “It was very easy to have, obviously, chemistry with her and we felt very comfortable with one another.”

Gloria Estefan wasn’t quite as confident as her friend, especially knowing that she had to be romantic with him. “The thing I fretted about the most was that I had to kiss Andy,” Estefan said. “Because he is my friend and his wife is my friend.”

That said, she knew she could trust Andy and that it wasn’t really kissing her friend, it was Ingrid (her character) kissing Billy. “I’ve never kissed another man in the last 46 years or 47 of my life,” Estefan explained. “But you know it wasn’t me kissing him. It was Ingrid, his wife in the movie, and it all felt very natural, and it was great.”